The Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan's public school, JUBILEE HILLS was inaugurated by His Holiness, Swami  Ranganathanandaji on 5th July 1979.

School's Facilities -

The school owns two state ­ of ­ the ­ art computer laboratories. Both are equipped with LCD projectors and fully functional systems with net facility. We have a bank of over 130 lesson modules in various subjects prepared by the teachers of the school. There are numerous reference C.Ds. also available.

Bhavan’s Vidyashram believes in "
Stress Free learning in serene environs".


The school offers a wide array of extra curricular activities that the child can freely choose from suiting his needs and abilities. Archery, Gymnastics, skating, nature club, tourism club are some of the special activities offered.

Community based projects are a regular feature of the school and so visits to old age home, orphanages, blind school, slum areas, sponsorship of girl-children’s education (Nanhi Kali Project) through Mahindra and Mahindra Trust are common.


I Am looking for admission of My Daughter for LKG , So please send me the admission process and date for receiving admission forms from school.

I Am Looking For Admission of My Son For Std 6th , So Pls Send me The Admission process And Date for Recieving Admission Forms From School

iam looking for admission into 3rd grade for my 1st son for 2013-2014 and also for admission into lkg for my 2nd son for 2014-2015. we shall plan our home at a near by place acoording to your response.

Hi Sir/Mam,

I am looking for an admission for 2013-14 into Grade 2 for my daughter. her date of birth is 06.02.2007 , Can you please tell me the admission process ?

Hi Sir/Mam,

I am looking for an admission into Grade 5 for my daughter. Can you please tell me the admission process ?


I am looking for my daughters admission into Class 4 can i have the details of fee structure and admission

Hi,Iam looking for admission for my daughter into LKG. she is doing her Nursery in a play school. Please confirm when the admission forms will be issued


Required new admissiion for UKG to My son Mr. Sai Dheeraj. So please inform me the admission dates, procedures and requirements etc.,

Rama Naidu

Respected Sir/ Madam,

My son is studying in Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan School in Eroor, Cochin in UKG presently. Now that I am transferred to Hyderabad (Indus Towers, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad), I would be pleased if I can get an admission for my son in your divine School. May I know, when does the admission starts for First Standard and also would request you to update me the process for securing admission.

Thanking you,

Truly Yours.

Vinod Pulakkat

when will the admission for the 1st class be in jubille hills branch




When will be the admission for LKG commence
Thanks & Regards
Madhusudhana Rao ASVSS

Pls let me know what is procedure and when it will start the admission process

May i know when are the admissions starting for 3 rd standard and what is the age criteria for joining in 3 rd standard.

Thank you

Hello am looking admission for my children and pls let me know when it will start the admission for 2012-2013

May i know when are the admissions starting for 1 standard and what is the age criteria for joining in 1st standard.

Thank you

It is the best school i have seen before.And rama devi mam [principle] is too good.


Wanted to inquire on how the new school is doing and how is the feedback of the parents on the teachers.

Also, is there a transport facility provided by the school?

The new school of Bhavans is pretty doing well with good faculty members who caters to the need of the children .The school does provide transport for children.

what do you mean by new school ? how many BVB are there in JH ?

recently what happened is that they had made strict rules of no meat in the school,we taught it is fine,now they are strictly imposing NO EGG in the school.

what is this ? it is very funny that they teach the meat and eggs are part of FOOD PYRAMID ,now they are strictly punishing if the kid gets EGG to school by any chance ,my kid is a fussy eater ,he is missing egg from his breakfast .

Isn't true that this school recieve substantial grant from Centre Goverment and according to Indian constituion Art 21 right to life includes right to choose what to eat and what not. We are purely non-vegetarian and very proud of Non-veg food heritage. Why this school is violating all norms and discriminating children who are Non-vegetarian. By this logic all minority run school should force feed non-veg food to student who are vegetarian. This is pathetic state of affairs which has already disturbed relgious harmony in this country. Did they conduct any study that vegetarian foods is better than non-veg. I mean just look at the number of noble awards that non-vegetarian scientists have won. I am at loss here...our former president - also a great scientist- was Muslim that speaks volumes of merits of non-veg diet. I guess its time teacher should learn something about keeping personal belief at home and discharging their duties with dedication and care.

Your kid is not the only one studying, there are vegetarians as well. If you are so particular about Non-Veg who is stopping you to feed them at home. Why are you giving religious angle to it.

v r moving to hyderabd from kerala... my son id studying in 1st std in bhavans in kerala . when v luked for admission in jubilee hills they said tehy will give admission in the new school in jubilee hills and not the old one... i think the new school is the Bhavan's Atmakuri Rama Rao School. Can you please tell me hows the teaching over there?

then bhavans main branch new branch atmakuri rama rao school is only good from jayadivya

The BVB Atmakuri Rama Rao School recently started at Road No 45 has severely failed to keep up the standards of the Bhavan's family.
The teacher selection has been terrible and that reflects in the kind of education they are imparting to the little kids.

Steps need to be taken immediately to correct this otherwise there may be a heavy outflow of meritorious students.

I too agree that the quality of teachers and the teaching is not upto the mark in this school. Some of the teachers do not speak proper English. It is more like a municipality school. The teachers burden the children with lots of homework ,for every small thing the teachers do not hesitate in punishing the children by sending them out of the classroom or by slapping them. I am terrified by the teachers attitude towards the children. I will not recommend this school to anybody.This school has failed in every way.

Well slapping and punishing kids is a serious crime-especially slapping and teachers can go to jail if they actually punish a child like this. I hope this is not true but if there is some grain of truth then parents should file police complaints against such teachers and send them to place where they belong-prison

Well slapping and punishing kids is a serious crime-especially slapping and teachers can go to jail if they actually punish a child like this. I hope this is not true but if there is some grain of truth then parents should file police complaints against such teachers and send them to place where they belong-prison

this school is good because i had written an entrance test on 26 april 2010
i had noticed that the teachers are very strict and are very intelligent i dont think that this school is bad in standard and studies

ya ..dis school is very gud n teachers r very gud n intelligent also...n dis school is very gud n its a cultural school..............

There are more schools better than the BVB. They have lost lost there credibility.

Yes, School Management needs to the action immedietly and it's very worrying factor as my son is into this school...They have to recruit good teachers and maintain the standards..Let's wait for a response from the School Authorities..I am going to send the mail to the management.

Any recent feedback on BVB Atmakuri school. we are considering to join our kids in UKG and 4th grade for 2011-12 if they get in


school is good in terms of education...but there is disiplain for principle, teachers. they failed to organize sports day, graduation day.... Principle and teachers are not not at all strict. they will entertain pareant as much as they can...which no other school do...

I joined my kid in LKG, so far I don't have any compalints, education is good... teachers are good.... they don't burden the students with lots of work... my kid is picking up well... there are not many extra cirricular activities I feel... but I dont also think that too much is required at that little age...

My kid is studying in UKG in this school, and I found he got improved a lot and he can able to write well, learn well with his experienced class teacher. Till now we never felt anything bad about the school and the overall education is good and the relationship between the parents and teachers are also good. So this school is charging only a nominal fee and they are providing a good education for the growing kids.

i dont like this school because some english teachers cant speak properly. they using guide books in grammar.

English teachers speak bad English and other teachers nicely. English teachers' selection is not good in this school.