National Hill View Public School (NHVPS)

Ideal Home Township, Rajarajeshwari Nagar, Off Mysore Road, Bangalore
+(91)-80-6558 0067 |

Board: CBSE

Classes from Pre- School to Std XII. Registrations for admission for the following academic year usually begin in 01 October and will be open for a couple of weeks. This year (2008) it is yet to be opened. The school is encouraging parents to call them after October 10th to get the specific details (which will most likely be in early November)

About the location from the school's website - Set amidst sylvan surroundings atop a hill in the scenic Rajarajeshwari Nagar, National Hill View Public School has the seamless skies for its backdrop and commands a breathtaking view of South West Bangalore and beyond. Just 10 Km from the centre of the city, yet away from the humdrum of traffic ,the location of the National Hill View Public School is ideal for a complete learning experience.


The schools website says, "The natural surroundings are ideal for environmental activities enabling hands on outdoor experience within the school campus. Play fields and other sports facilities provide for the physical well being of the students. Excursions and field trips kindle community awareness along with Art and Culture strings woven into the curriculum creating the perfect platform for nurturing a holistic approach."

Fee Structure

About Rs. 83K (for Nursery)

School Timing

The School is an extended Day - School with time schedules planned to cater to different class groups: Pre-school 9:00 am to 12:45 p.m Primary school 8:30 am to 2:50 p.m Middle and High school 8:30 am to 2:50 p.m The schedule includes extended time for sports and games and other Club activities.


Hi, Can anyone tell me, if the forms are available for the academic year April- 14

Hi All,

My son will be completing 3 year on Feb-2014. As per the NHVPS website the kid is supposed to compler 3year by acadamic month (i..e June).
When does the admission start for 2014-2015 accademic year.

Much Thanks,

Our admission got confirmed today for PG1 at a new branch of NHVPS at Hoskere halli.
They its the same management including the principle. Fees is 97000 for this year.
Interview went on for about 25 mnts and was very interactive. Initially we get a feeling that the principle is very rude, but I feel she is very much knowledgeable and talks logically.
we felt she is more inclined towards English language. but overall it was a great experience talking to her.


Please let me know that is interview on for pre nursery? We have not been called for interview call till now.

Today interview calls invited through mobiles those residing nearby school. They informed on Friday for todays interview at 10.45 am

Please let me know, whether admission interview has started.

Can we get call from you, for my child whose application form was submitted on 4th January 2013 ( Receipt no. 4749)


V Anandhi

Just called Hill View and they confirmed that short listed nursery candidates are being called for interviews.

Our daughter's number has not come up yet, fingers crossed !

Admission process has started effective 11/02/13, we have already attended the interview, our admission is on hold at the moment. They are interviewing 20 applications per day, if selected they say 'selected' and give a day's time for the parents to decide and pay fees by DD. The fees has to be paid in lumpsum through DD. If the application is 'rejected' they say it upfront. Applicants on hold might be given admission in case anybody who has been selected drops out on various reasons [its like RAC in train reservations :-)].
In my interview they asked myself & my wife the the usual question, 'tell us about yourself from your age as old as your child!' We did our best to answer this. Here is a tip for any husband whose spouses may not know English that well, train your spouses well to address this question, since 'mothers' are the ones who are really getting interviewed. This question has to be answered to the best of one's abilities,husbands can't help wives answer their questions. Use the choicest words and phrases you can, to showcase your knowledge in English, as its English which will be monitored highly by the Principal. For hindu orthodox parents, 'bindi & bangles' aren't allowed for children.
Keep your fingers crossed, your number will come sooner.

Has anyone got a call for admission for the year 2013.i heard they have started with the sibling category.

It is learns from 11th of February till month end, current year admissions will be over. So all interviews calls will start from 11th Feb 2013

Mr.kumar...I have heard that they have started interview for siblings category it true?when r they going to really start making calls for others

No, we didn't got the calls, these people are taking too much time to take an interview. They are not ready to disclose the results.

Did anyone got interview call from NHVPS for the year 2013-14 admission for pre-nursery ?

I studied for 11 years at this school and passed out recently. My sincere advice to you would be to not join your child at this school. The teachers are not good and the sports and other facilities for co-curricular activities are not upto the mark. The only ground in the school is a cemented area in front of the building. The teachers are way below standard especially for 11th and 12th standard. The physics teacher does not know the basics of physics and the chemistry and maths teachers inspire little confidence. I can be thought of as a person with trusted credentials as I have juts passed out and was one of the highest scorers for the school in the cbse 12th examination which by the way I do not credit to the school.

I am also a student studying here. I have just one question. If you didnt like it why did you study for 11 years?


Need to know, is anyone got the call to pay the fees... Wt I heard is today is the last day for the final round of calling to do the Admission...


Hi All,
We got a call and attended the interview .We were asked to wait for couple of days to know the results. please let us know if anyone got the call for admission after interview.


Hi All,
Just for Your Information there is New school by name srichaitanyatechnoschoo near banshankarri.WHo ever is upset and not got can try there it is one on the best CBSC School.

Hi ,
We received call for interview this week for PG1.
Kid's age is > 3years and not a sibling category.
Interview was ok but the way principal spoke was some thing like a military officer.
She asked about moral stories, bed time stories
our background, education, about our siblings, parents etc. . She said she would inform result in couple of weeks.

Let me know If any 1 who attended interview this week got any call for paying admission fees OR people who attended interview during first round also still getting calls for paying fees.

Hi Ravi & K,

Kindly share the info,did u all receive a call from the school to make the admission fee payment ???

it was informed that results will told in couple of days...


Yes we got call after 5 or 6 days of interview. We did the admission . Fees:Rs83500.

Still not got the call for admission.
Waiting for the same...


Hi, ravi bv & k Where do u stay?
Please let me know, if anyone got the call for the second round of interview

Hi All,

Not sure if its called second round but
Yes we got a call & attended the interview.. results will be told in couple of weeks...


I stay in Srinivasanagar (Banashankari 1st state). I think we are part of second list.


Hi All,
We got a call on Feb 04 and attended the interview on Feb 06.
We were asked to wait for couple of days to know the results.


Hi all,
This has become inert for a few days, Please let me know, if anyone got the call for the second round of interview. Recently, got to know that they are going to inform by 2nd week of Feb. we are almost there. Please let me know if there is any latest news on this.


Hi All,
We received a phone call on 04-Feb-2012 and we attended the interview on 06 Feb 2012 for PG1. We were told that they would get back to us in a couple of days.


Hi all,
Does anyone got a call for the interview in the second round? It was found that they have covered mostly of RR nagar applicants/near-by areas untill now, and they are going to consider applicants of other arears from now onwards.


Hi All,
Anyone got the call for interview after the first round around. I am not getting whether they have stopped the process of interview, because so many people already got the call to complete the admission process by paying fees. Please let me know if at least anyone got the call for interview.


HI all,
we have submitted the application form on 10th of November, we haven't received the interview call yet. Please let me know if anybody has got the call, who have submitted the form during the same timeframe.


Hi Kalpa,
Where do u stay? I guess till now whoever got the call they are staying in RR nagar. Because we have applied in initial days itself, but still we didn't get the call. Please let me know if any updates on process in coming week


I stay in Srinagar, not called yet, please inform if u get to know any updates.


hi all !
we attended the interview in hill view on 10 jan 2012 for pg1 . We were told that they would get back to us in a couple of weeks. this year, have all the applicants been asked to wait for a couple of weeks or are there any exceptions who have got admissions on the same day like last year ? i am really worried since i have not applied to any other schools.


I guess this year the answer was same for everyone who attended the interview. Even we are waiting for the results. Our interiview was on 01/11.

We attended the interview on 11 jan this year. Got call today, to make the payment of rs 83,500/- by tomorrow. I guess the fees has increased from last year. Did any body got the call to make payments?


We live in RR Nagar & plan to have our son join NHVPS for 2013-14 batch. We need your valuable guidance please.

Can you kindly tell us what criteria are to be met, what does the interview/interaction process with the principal involves....

How is the coaching?Are the kids doing well?


Hi smb,
congrats. Can u please let us know if you are from sibling/alumni category?
what all questions were asked during interview ?
We haven't received call yet :( for PG1.


Even we got the call 01/24 for paying the admission fees. Our interview was on 11th of this month. the fees is 83500/- exclusive of the transportation and others. The fee structure was given in the brochure which they had provided along wiht the application form.

We paid the admission fees today.


Hi swathi,
How far you are residing from school?
r u from sibling,alumni category?

Hi Swathi,


Hi dear,
Congrats, u got the admission for ur kid. Can you please share ur interview experience. And till what date u have make the payment.


Can you plz tell us your interview experience? what all questions they asked you?

Hi all,
Please let us know if any one who attended interview already paid fees ? meaning already got call for selected students ?
When i called to reception they told they are calling students in batches for interview and not ready to tell what they mean by batches/category ?

We applied for PG1 and still waiting for a call.

Actually we were asked to wait for 2 weeks by which they will announce the results.

I heard that they are going to put up the second list for the interviews after 25th Jan. I am not sure on this part. But as far as I know none of the parents have paid the fees still and got their wards admitted to the school.


Hi swathi,
Please let all know when you or any who attended interview got call for admission process. Also if you get to know any thing of "second list for interview - jan 25th" .

Hi V
Were u able to get any further info regarding this 2nd list for interviews. I tried contacting the school today but no one was picking up the phone.

Still we haven't received call for PG1

Yes, we got the call to finish the admission process by today

Hi Sharada,
How did the Interview went on ... please provide more inputs...


Hi Ravi,

Interview went well .
Principal interacted with the Kid just asked few questions regarding colors.
But what i felt was they re more oriented towards Parents.

She asked all the info regarding our school and college and hobbies.


Our interivew was done yesterday(01/11). We were asked to wait for couple of weeks to know the results

hii many parents wher ther when u wher cal'd for the interview??

I could see around 12 invited that day

Hi swathi,

All the best. Hope u will get admission. how was ur interview experience???


Hi Kavitha,

The interview was fine. Good luck to you too.

Hi Swati
How was the interview? How were u notified? Was it by e- mail or phonecall.
Do you live within the school catchment area (distance in kms).
Kind regards

Hi Sai,

we were intimated through mail about the interview schedule. Do not know how they are going to anounce the results.

Yes school is around 1 km from our residence.


please let me know if someone is done with the addmision.
my interview just got over this morning. i was asked to wait for 15 days ...

Hi Kavita/Sharda,
U Got the Call or Mail from hill view. As i heard they are sending the mails. If u don't mind can u tell us when u have submitted the admission form. Any one has the idea of selecting order.

Hi Shilp
We have applied for PG1 as well. Just wondering whether u have received any calls as of today.

Hi Sai,
We too are waiting for the call. Called the school they are telling interview process is still going..

hi shilp,
we got the call through Mail both to my husbands email as well as to mine.
we submitted the application form the next day ,they started issuing the applications.
i dont know... i think the one factor would be distance...


Hi Kavitha,
Thx dear for the info. We have also submitted form in first week itself, but still no response from them. Now am really over concerned. Distance is not problem i guess because on of my other friend got the call who stay nearby. All the best for the result. Just let us know if u got any call further for admission

Please let us know if any one receives call for PG1 2012- 13 admissions.
We have submitted applications.


I got an interview call from NHVPS Raja Rajeshwari Nagar.
Jan 10. I am a bit Nervous.
Any one else who got interview call ???

Hi Kavitha,

How did Interview go ... please provide inputs...

Hi Kavitha,
Can you please share your interview experience ?
How about admission details ? fees details ?


Can provide more info on the following:
1. Did your child belongs to alumni/sibling category?
2. Are both working parents?
3. Both of yours educational background?
4. How far you stay from school?
5. If possible let me know the annual income mentioned in the application?
6. How was the interaction?

Can provide more info on the following:
1. Did your child belongs to alumni/sibling category?
2. Are you both working parents?
3. Both of yours Educational background?
4. How far you stay from school?
5. If possible let me know the annual income mentioned in the application?

no... my child doesnt belong to alumini or sibling category
yes we both are working
both of us have a professional degree
we will be in the circle of less than 3kms
sorry i would not like to share my anual income

Hi Even we have got a interview call on Jna 16 . Please let me know the review abt the school and ur experience after interview.

Yes Kavitha even we have got a interview call its on Jan 16 .pLease let me know ur experience after ur interview.

hi sharadha,
we had our interview this morning. and our interview went well..
i would say principal has lot of patience .. My son was trying to climb her table...
she was so polite and insisted that u should not climb the table with shoes..
she offered chocklate to him..
she told she will let us know the result after 15 days...

I am worried weather we will get addmission or not but as such i feel the school is very good...

Keeping my fingers crossed.

let me know ur result too...


Thanks Kavitha for sharing .

Hi Kavitha,
Congrats for your interview.. can you tell me how many parents were present when u went for the interview?. What kind of question she asked to u & ur husband. She asked anything to ur kid.
Thanks in advance

Hi Silpha,

she asked about ourself, family background.. hobbies...
she dint ask much.
she was just interacting with my kid as he was trying to stand on her table..
she even offered chocklate...
she dint ask any questions as such to my kid.


Hi Kavitha and Sharada,

Thanks for the info.

Kavitha:- I wish all the best for your kid hoping your kid will get the seat.

Hi ravi,
thank you. Hoping for the Best.

Wish you all the Best.


Hi Did you get your child admission there?
If yes for which class?
What do they ask in interview?
What is the fees?

RR Nagar

Sure I will let you know .. by the way where do you stay???
Any idea what is the expectations from parents???

Hi Sharada,
Can you provide more info on the following:
1. Did your child belongs to alumni/sibling category?
2. Are you both working parents?
3. Both of yours Educational background?
4. How far you stay from school?
5. If possible let me know the annual income mentioned in the application?

Hi Ravi,

1. No she doesn't belong to alumini / Sibling Category
2. Yes we both are working
3. B.E
4. with in 5 kms

Hi kavitha,
What is your kid's age as on June 1st 2012.
Are you both working?

My son would be 3 years 5 months

hi kavitha,
we are waiting for the ur kid is having the correct age?.where do u put up?.we are near srinagar and my kid age is exactly the same what they have ask for,that too we have not recieved the call.they only prefer for annual income.iam really upset about this.

Hi Kavitha
Have you received any call yet. We have applied for PG1 as well but no calls till today.

i dont know what is their criteria. hope you will get the call soon


hi i want to know weather there have compeleted addmission for PG1 i have been waiting for a call i havent got it yet my son he is 3years 5mths old his he with correct age

Has anybody got interview call for PG 1 underage kids? Please let me know

Please let me know if anybody has got admission to PG2 after the kids interaction on Feb 1st to Banashankari branch.

I am also in the same plight ............Please let me know if any one got admissions where kids age is 2yrs 11 months ie less than 3yrs as of June 1st.

kindly let me know the admission/interview procedure also.


Did contact yesterday secratary prinicipal she told would take anoth 3-4 days as prinicpal is looking into under age childrens now.

My son is 25days under age im calling everyday but they have asked us to wait yet to decide
Has anyone got call whose child is under age?

Please let me know if any one got admissions where kids age is 2yrs 10 months+ and less than 3yrs as of June 1st.


Do they have 11th and 12th class with CBSE Board? Any other board?
Also, will be glad to have a pointer to the web site of the school.

Thanks in advance.

Can anyone tell me what would be the format of Aptitude Test for 1st std ?

dear ..
i have also applied for my son for standard -1, could you please share with me the pattern of aptitute test to prepare him, if you have.

thanking you in advance,

Did any got PG3 interview call?

Looks like results are not yet announced , did any got call after test?

Hi ,
Has any got admission to PG3 new campus


Please let me know if any of your children have been selected for PG2 in NHVPS and if the admission procedure has been completed.



am in a similar plight. have applied for my for pg2 n the first round of kids interaction was done last wk but yet to recieve a call for parents interview.anyone who has got admission to PG2 for the yr 2011-2012 at the new branch kindly reply


Please let me know if anybody has got admission to PG2 after the kids interaction on Feb 1st to Banashankari branch.

Did anyone get a call for pg2 admission? if so what's the exact age of ur child as on jun 1?

I strongly believe interactions and impressions are purely subjective. Right from day one when we inquired about PG 1 admmissions for my child, the security guards, receptionist, staff were extremely polite and cordial. Repeated rounds of the school with the same queries didnt sap them off thier parience.....and this I think is important considereing the avalanche of queries they would have received telephonically and in person.One should also remember-to get respect you should give respect....its entirely reciprocal !

One of the best features of the school is the format of granting admissions. There is absolutely no pressure on the child. Infact the child is not even asked a single question. The whole foucs is on the parents, the educational/professional/familial background and the interaction between the child and the parents.This is unlike many other schools where i approached - in one my child was grilled for ovver half an hour about everything under the sun, in the other a blood test report with HB count etc had to be submitted with the admission application form itself-with no guarantee that the child would be given a seat. Imagine the truama of taking a small kid to the pathology lab for a blood test for admission procedures !

Ms Rama Ranganathan comes across as an extremely cultured and professional individual with only one agenda in life-the child's best interest. And this is what she guages while assessing the parents.Though she may have checkmated some views we expressed not once we felt she belittled us or humiliated us. Her questions were precise, pragmatic and reflect her ocean of knowledge on child psycology, child devlopment, child educartion, parent child bond etc. Those 25 odd minutes with her has given me a new perception on parenting. Her English is impeccable, interactions sophisticated and interntions well placed. No wonder the school has reached such heights under her stewardship. I believe its beacuse of her vision and relentless pursuit of excellence that NHVPs stands where it is now.

I would urge parents not to be swayed by heresay and form prejudices.

I belive my little one is in safe hands and NHVPS is the best school i could have asked for, thanks to the Principal. And I am confident that her battery of teachers and staff cumulatively would ensure that my child receives quality education as well as imbibes good values in NHVPS !

Hi anu,

It's nice to hear something positive abour NHVPS after all the adverse comments I read in the thread.My daughter is going to turn 3 soon and we will be looking for her admissions soon at NHVPS.We are out up at Rajarajeshwarinagar.How about you?
Please share your no if you don't mind and we can have a chat regarding kids school admissions and especially about NHVPS.Thanks a ton.


Hi Ramya,

please drop me an email at with your mobile number and i shall call you back. not too keen to display my number here.


What was the fee structure like for PGI 2011-2012? The tution fees and the admission fees?

We had interview yesterday Jan 10th for PG1 (2011-12)for my son. It went on well and my son got his admission. The main criteria is that your kid should have completed 3 yrs as of june 2011. Our interaction with the pricipal was very good. She has a very good attitude and has very good knowlegde on child pshycology.

from which area are you?

Hi, When did they inform you that your kid has been shortlisted? did they inform you there itself?

We had an interaction with the principal yesterday ( 19th Jan) and were informed on the spot it self that my daughter is selected for PG1. We were asked to pay the fees by the next day. It looked to us that the interaction was just a formality!

I have applied for admission for my daughter for PG1 to NHVPS for academic year 2011-12. I was told the school will inform on interviews by the 1st or 2nd week of January 2011. I still have not received any call. My neighbour has applied for PG1 for her daughter and received interview date as 10th Jan. I am worried because, when i called the school they are saying they haven't started making the calls yet and will shortly start. Wanted someone to let me know if anyone else has received interview calls from NHVPS.

Even I applied for my son for pg2 yet waiting for call your neighbors are both parent working?

hi am a parent n have sought admission for pg2 at the new branch of NHVPS.v had a child interaction last wk n then were told that the office will get in touch with us... any idea about all this .

i think this is the worst school in bangalore, so mush mismanagement ....regarding admission procedure ...v r stil in dark ..........they are not disclosing the list of selected candidates PG1 .till now ...

Please let me know addmissions are closed or still going on. Whenevr we call to know about admission they r telling still not yet short listed. we r still waiting for the school. we left all other schools also. I do not no what to do now?

Same here . they ve taken interview in Jan itself but still not declaring the result. One day they told that 2nd round of interview is about to start . Bit donn't know whats exactly going on ? i m also really fed up wit school attitude

Any parent from vijayangr who has sought adm in Hill view?? Kindly reply as they are still saying the adm r in progress, but I havent got any call as yet.

I am from Vijaynagar. I am done with the admission process In january itself

Hi Smitha, Thx for the info, any idea wat the selection criteria is...

I am not sure about it. People called for the interview were from various professional backgrounds( like teachers, doctors, s/w professionals, etc). After that it depends on how get on with the interview ( this is a catch... no one is sure about it )

i got interview call frm nvhps. we attended interview (not bad). i did my daughter admission after two days. fees is 67k.

Hi Shaamanna,
Good to know you got through. A couple of questions:
1) Was the admission for the first child?
2) Where do you live, by any chance Rajarajeshwari Nagar?


Hi HD,
yes we did admission for our first child. we live in katriguppe

When had you attended the interview?

We got the call for the interview. Interview was okay. We got selected ... the fees is 67000(excluding the school bus fees)....


anyone got a call from NHVPS. I applied for nursary waiting for call. if anyone get please let me now...

i don't understand why they r taking so high fees ? even many top school in bangalore don't take this much ? anybody knows reason behind it ?

Did you try calling the school?

anyone attended interview with NHVPS? how the interview was? i am still wating for call... please give me some information....

no i did not call... did u gt call from school?

No I did not..... But one of my friend staying in Rajarajeshwarinagar got...

Some of the children have already got admissions. Mine did not; though my interaction session did go very well. I hear that the school has a cut off on the income of the parents. They are looking at an annual combined (both parents) income cut off of >25L p.a. If a school determines the admission based on such a high limit - where will the middle class people go? How will children gain a diversified experience - if the whole of the school belongs to upper class?

I strictly think it is UNFAIR.

Any idea when PG-1 admission results will be announced for NHVPS.

Hi ...

1)I have applied for NHVPS this year for my daughter who will be 2 yrs 10 months in June 2010.. I have heard that min age is 3 yrs for montessori but I was wondering if they follow this criteria strictly. Can I hope to get admission or my daughter whose will be 2yrs 10 months

2) GIven a choice which is a better option --> Venkat International or National Hill View

we were called for the interview in feb, our daughter is sep born, she will be 2 years 8.5 months by june 2011,we were not expecting the call since many people told they are strict about the age, but once we got the interview call, we were happy, only to be disappointed at the interaction with principal, to start with she told us that we have been called to inform that they cannot give adminssion this year,but she will give priority for 2012,after that she asked about our schooling and family background. she is really an arrogant lady, when we couldn't answer some questions on english grammer she says that she is very embrassed about asking questions, she talks on the face without any remorse.and finally she told us to quote the application number while appling for the next year to get the priority, we are wondering why they called us inspite of not fullfilling the age criteria. am not impressed by the attitude of principle. is a fact that the principal is completely closed person...has got very complex attitude problems...and i had a very bad experience during the admission process.

Dear Fellow NHVPS parents

I can't tell you hoe relieved I am to find this thread of communication about NHVPS; don't know why i didn't look it up earlier; but anyway........

My son goes to second standard there and has been there since PG1. I must say I was very happy with the PG center there ; with the teachers, their methods, supervision of Ms Janaki, everything. But never got a chance to directly interact witht he principal as we didn't see the need after admission since any issue was always sorted out at the level of Ms Janaki or the class teachers.

Come first grade my husband and I were shocked at how different it is, and how impervious and impenetrable the principal of the school is. I hear from many students she is a tyrant like character........ didn't believe till i talked to her myself. She is "COMPLETELY CLOSED" to parents' feedback, refuses to acknowledge let alone apologise to many legitimate issues I brought up. The meeting after one month of first grade was the most ridiculous of all when she mentioned things like "send only Natraj pencils, no sharpeners....... etc etc" such a rude and demanding tone........can put off anybody immediately. I didn't think the principal of the school has to come down and adress parents to address issues like what brand of pencils to send, to make sure kids wear underpants (please.......... if its the issue with one kid in school pl deal directly).

Staff have to understand that they may handle hundreds of kids but for parents the anguish and worry will never go away. She has to be little more understanding and open to feedback. Downright rudeness is such a put off.

I request and urge parents to form a forum and bring this up as a group and we can try to do something if we have a bunch pf people who reflect my thoughts. I agree its a wonderful school but kids don't need to fear the princi as a tyrant. And parents should be comfortable to bring up anything with her without having to worry how it may affect the child. After all we are placing the child's future in their hands, aren't we?

I chanced upon this message from a worried and anxious mom and thought it is indeed inappropriate on the part of the Principal to behave in a manner which is considered obnoxious by parents. While the role of a Principal is a challenging one it does not call for unnecessary tyrancy to drive home a point. I have met Principals of many schools and find them extremely humble and dedicated towards their cause. This facade of being a task master will only lead to more anguish and harm the reputation of an otherwise beautiful school. If the Principal is reading this she should adopt a more pleasant style of interaction and make schooling years an enjoyable phase for both parents and children.

I was overwhelmed when I spoke to the principal and saw the school environment durong the interview. But definitely not happy now, knowing the contradicting timings. The playgroup starting timing given in web site is 9 am, but the principal takes of 8.20 am to be starting time and above all, the transport pick up to near by areas - Hosekerehalli, Girinagar is around 7.20 am. It has really put me in great worry about my little one. Now, I'm really thinking if I made right choice of school for my little one. Can any one explain why so much of difference in communication and why starting so early?
My second concern is the big BEE HIVES in the buildings. Does the authority do something to remove them , so that we are worry free?

Looking for answers to my question.
Thanks a lot.

Link to the review by a parent with a another (positive) point of view about her experiences with NHVPS-National Hill View Public School, Rajarajeshwari Nagar:


    I disagree with the comments made about the school and the Principal. I have 2 sons and the first one is studying there from past 5 years and the second one got admission for this academc year starting June 01. We had good interaction with the Principal and she offered a chocolate to my child and offered napkin to clean his hands.

    Click hear for the full review

    I request all not to jump into immediate conclusion.


-Zeeksha Team

THats what i said that she is biased and rude to ppl. Many studnts fel er direct partiality towards Tamitians

Link to the review by a parent who shared her experiences (of the interview for admissions with NHVPS-National Hill View Public School, Rajarajeshwari Nagar):


- Zeeksha Team

hi i just wanted to know when will the school issue the application forms and the last day of submission. please it will be really thankful if u inform me about this.