National Public School (NPS), Indiranagar

12 A Main, HAL II Stage, Bangalore
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Board: CBSE

National Public School (NPS), Indiranagar, was established in 1982 and is known for the quality of education it offers. The curriculum is suppossed to be quite rigorous. Read about the school's academic achievements here,

The school is very convenienty located (in Indira Nagar) which is a big plus.

According to the school's, "For all admission related queries, contact the school office between August and September and check out the exact dates of issue of the application form for registration. The prospectus and the registration forms should be collected in person."

Some of the other branches are: NPS Rajajinagar, NPS Koramangala and the newly started NPS HSR Layout


Physical and Health Education, Art Education and Work Experience are compulsory.

The following classes are conducted on a regular basis after school hours: Taekwondo, Music, Guitar, Keyboard, Dance, Aerobics, Newspaper in Education,  Band, Sports, Inter-House Activities, Theatre Workshops.


can anybody tell me when will the admission starts for std1?regrading entrance tests they are showing from 2nd std....

Can anyone pls let me know when NPS Indiranagar starts giving form and start its admission procedure for the academic year 2015-2016? Regards, Subha

think NPS has completed KG admissions.
There is some delay on admissions process for other classes.
Please keep in touch with School front office / reception for more details.

Kindly let know if anyone has update on the 2013-2014 LKG admission. Any clues to whether they have started calling for parent-interviews / finalized the shortlist please ?

Plz let me know if anybody gets a call from NPS for the admission into LKG. I called up the school today , they said it will start by end of this month.

Thanks & Regards,

My child is Sept Born, I spoke to the receptionist on 5th Jan-2012, it was told that admissions have been completed and the quota has been filled under siblings. Better luck next time.


I spoke to the reception @ NPS - Indiranagar today and they mentioned that LKg admission is over. Till yesterday they said only upto Nursery is over. Did anyone get a call for LKg? When?


I called up NPS indiranagar today. They said admission is over for Mont-1 and Nursery and interviews are happening today.


Has anybody received call for nursery admission. I was told by the lady that at reception that they will complete the process by 05th of Jan.


I have applied for Montessori for my daughter in NPS Rajajinagar in Novemeber. I contacted the school and they mentioned they will call us if our child is selected.

Has anyone got calls for Motessori admission?

I was checking the affiliation of NPS INR on the CBSE website and it seems that the affiliation was only up to 2010. Does anyone know why?

It is fit for parents who are concerned only about academics to the core .
Co-curricular activities are not good and they lack basic facilities like a good ground.
It is a completely over hyped school .

I was told today by the reception that the shortlisted candidates will start getting calls only after 2nd Jan when the school reopens after christmas.

Actually, they told me that scholl will be closed from dec 22nd onwards for christmas.. So we should expect calls this week latest. Has anyone got calls for prekg for 2012 june admissions ?

Hi Friends,
I called up NPS Indiranagar today, I was told that, they would start calling the short-listed candidates from Dec 23rd onwards.

Thanks and Regards,
Shilpa. Gopikrishna.


Has anyone heard from NPS yet?

Are they going to call shortlisted candidates by the 22nd of Dec OR after the same?


Hi Shilpa,

Thanks for the information.


Has anyone got call from NPS for LKG. NPS website shows that the admissions for 2012-13 is closed.


Did anyone get the interview call for LKG 2012 batch?


Has anybody got call for Montessori?

Please let me know if anybody got call from NPS IndiraNagar. when will they start calling the pupils?



If anyone has got a call for the Montessori section, please let me know.

As I understand calls are expected only in December.

However please keep this chain posted in case someone hears from the school



If anyone has got a call for the Montessori section, please let me know.

As I understand calls are expected only in December.

However please keep this chain posted in case someone hears from the school


Anybody knows till when they (NPS-indiranagar) would give forms for LKG & the last day for submission.

If you get to know the date..pls let me know as well..

Anybody, please lemme know the cut-off age for class 1.

My daughter born on june 16th 2009. will she get admission for the year 2012

Any idea when the applications for 2012 are given?

will they extend the nursery admission form issue date?

They (NPS Indiranagar) started issuing application forms for 2012 from yesterday (i.e. 12/09/2011) onwards.

Please let me know when is the last date for form submission?


The application forms for 2012 admissions are issued from today. timings 8am

NPS Inagar is currently giving forms for Mont and LKG only. For grade 1 and above, the forms are expected to be given around 10th october

Can anyone please let me know the last date for submission of montessori application forms?

many thanks

When then NPS HSR give admission forms for class 1 for the academic year 2012-13?

Hi Moderator
Kindly delete the comments which I posted with the subject NPS HSR Admissions Vs "Horizon" Vs "Freedom" . This was wrongly posted under NPS Indiranagar instead of NPS HSR. Same comments are posted under NPS HSR.
Kindly do the needful and sorry for the inconvenience.

My son got the admission on 17th and fees was paid by DD. Surely fees is on a higher side but compared to "Horizon" schools it was less and transparent, but there was NO HALF HOUR (or more) TORTURE for the child. The admission process was a smooth affair. By admitting kids like this and producing outstanding CBSE results is worth mentioning when other schools are taking "cream" kids after half an hour torture and not able to ape the same results!

"Horizon"- "Horizon" schools was asking 1 and 1.5 L donation!!! apart from fees which is already between 1.25 and 1.5 L. Wondering how these type of schools are one of the top school in Bangalore by doing all these type of day light looting!
Freedom - While issuing application they never mentioned the availability of seats for LKG (collected in first 10) and later mentioned seats available for LKG as 10 (after selling applications) is very clear that so many high profile people on board will not help a school to change the money minded attitude...

For most of the schools admission is a Business ( "Business is an art of extracting money from another man's pocket without resorting him to violence")!

This is the experience of a parent who has gone thru admission process for this year and last year!

U have mentioned " "Horizon" schools was asking 1 and 1.5 L donation!!! apart from fees which is already between 1.25 and 1.5 L" which is not true, U think all the parents of NHPS are so rich?????????
NPS just give form & never get a reply. They very clearly tell us not to call them.........alteast a negative reply.
One of the most important aspect, Kannada is not a part of the curriculum at any stage, although in karnataka state. It is a shame.

I got admission for my daughter in NPS today, I was very anxious. But the entire staff was so cooperating and the best part was meeting Principal Madam. I could not relate anything there to what I have heard negative about NPS on blogs. The school is flawless. They are definitely not money oriented unlike other schools who keep on increasing sections to each class for bulk admissions!!!!!

Hello namita,

This is uma. I have seen your review. You had mentioned that ur daughter has got admission. Please tell me that while submitting the application form did they give any reciept. Did they send any mail to ur mailing address. How did u come in contact again. How was the exams conducted and how was response. Please do answer to my questions and send me mail.


Hi Namita,
Could you please give me your contact number. I am checking for NPS for my son ( for montessori). I need some more information from you.

BTW I am Arati Udupi , working as a SW professional in Bangalore.

Namita is fake, she posted on the NPS Koramangala site as well.

Namita, How much did you pay for KG1 in NPS Inr? I heard from my friend that koramangala its 80450 and rajajinagar its 82450

For which class?

I just called them and they said its already over. Anyone has anyother update, pls let us know

Yes the admissions are over. I attended the interview for my son yesterday and got admission for Montessori. It all closed yesterday

Guys ,

I seriously don't understand the selection criteria of NPS . They at times say age, some time alumni or sibblings . I am terrified by the very thought that a pre school admission is making us go crazy, I feel getting into engineering was much much eazier where they say the CET cell is corrupted. I feel there should be very clear indication on what the selection criteria is , so that we would not waste trying our luck with thse kinda schools. I am really annoyed with the way they select the child without even seeing the childs capability.

Thank you .

NPS admissions are among the fairest in Bangalore schools. The admission process is blind - they don't even meet the child or parents. What is there to "evaluate" in a kindergarten child? It would be unfair and cruel.

Seats are very limited. About 30-40 students to a class, and max 3-4 sections. That translates to less than 150 kids admitted into KG + Mont per year. Several thousands apply. The school does not misuse the demand and popularity to stuff classrooms or endlessly add sections.

Admission criteria are clearly mentioned on the notice boards: preference given to children of alumni and staff; siblings; children of transferrable parents; children in the neighbourhood, etc. Gender ratio is maintained. All other rumours - parent must earn more than 50L, mothers can't be working, children of parents in xyz industry preferred / not preferred, etc. are just that... baseless rumours.

Influence / recommendations do not work at all. The school doesn't take "donations" or "capitation fee" or "building fund". Fees are transparent. Enrolled students can expect 5% fee increase every year. Teachers are well paid and quite good. The teacher turnover / resignations are rare.

The school is definitely not for all kids. Issues are there, like in any other school. Academic pressure will be high in the higher grades. It is an excellent school for academics. Children find themselves in a peer group of academically-driven achievers mostly from middle class / umc, and are generally quite articulate and confident.

Kids who are not serious about studies can find it rigid and stifling. Kids who enjoy studies will love this school, and benefit most from it. The others might get stressed, but it is not possible to judge academic orientation in an LKG child. So some children do suffer in later grades. There are no regular parent-teacher meetings, but parents can always schedule meetings.

NPS is over 50-years old. NAFL and TISB are newer, excellent international schools established by the same management. The methodology in these schools is different compared to the NPSs. NAFL fee: around Rs. 1.5L pa; TISB: around Rs. 5L pa. These schools have less than 20 children in a class and max of 2 sections.

Because of the demand, seats fill up quickly. The staff might be terse over the phone - the phones are always ringing. Many parents find it understandably frustrating.

Lateral admissions are possible at every grade, although subject to availability. There are always kids leaving NPS from Grade 5 onwards because they can't cope, and prefer a more relaxed academic environment.

Apart from NPS, there are several other excellent schools in Bangalore. Some provide for better academic & extracurricular development. Key metrics are students per class, past academic / extracurricular record, and affordability.

Ultimately, a school is just one of the factors in education. Great individuals have emerged through all schools in cities and villages alike, and even no school at all!

- NPS Alumnus & NPS Parent

Thanks for the post. it is really insightful because many parents I came across are of the opinion that those children are not given admission whose parents (both) are working. I argued over it but all in vain. They say that even on the official website of the school, full information is not provided. They faced this problem when they visited the school for the admission of their wards.
Anyway, the information provided by you has supported my point of view.

Has anybody got a call yet for montessori?

Has anyone got call from NPS Indiranagar for LKG, if yes what is the criteria they are looking at.

My daughter got a call in NPS Indiranagar for LKG, but no idea on what criteria they have looked into.

Need to see next week about the seat


Good to hear this and gives confidence to others as well :)
If possible, can you tell us whether
1. your sibling is studying there?
2. your salary is > 25-30L
3. both are working?


Its 23rd Nov and it was indicated that calls will be made starting Nov last week...

Has any one started getting calls frm NPS Indiranagar?

Not yet

Has anyone received call from them? any idea from when they'll start calling for interview?

Per School web - Forms are out from tomorrow (21st) and are available at the school counter b/w 9:30 to 11:30 am.

has anybody been updated about forms for UKG and 1'st std onwards ?

Hello Parents: NPS Indiranagar will issue the application forms from October 20th. Good luck!!

called up the school multiple times, but no clarity....does anyone know when NPS will issue forms for grade 1.kindly help.

Can anyone please tell me when are the forms given for KG in NPS indirangar?

I too called up the school couple of times for mont forms and they said after dussehra vacations ,,,

Hi , i called up the school they say that the montessori applications are give in last week of october.

can any one suggest that he montessori applications are still open...

My daughter is will be completing 2 years and 3 months on 23 May 2011. Want to check that whether she will be eligible for admission in NPS rajajinagar in montessori for the session 2011-12.

Is it true that NPS admission are based on Parent's salary and that too should be above 25 lacs to get a call ?

True to some extent, but the actual cut off is much higher than tht i thnk and it also depends on the parents' credentials.


I am scouting for a good school for my daughter.
NPS is the closest to my house plus have heard really good reviews about the school. However I also hear that it is only academics oriented and very little focus on other things.
Please let me know how far this is true.

Thank you

I fail to understand the craziness of the parents to get an admission in NPS. I find nothing special in this school. They admit the cream and students go for special coaching and get into some professional collages. In fact there is no worth mentioning special contribution from the teachers of this school.I request the parents not to be carried away by the name. Think thrice before you admit your ward to these schools.

All institutions in our country at any level admit the cream provided they get it.
Next we would be saying why do the IITs /AIIMS have an entrance test at all.
Let them take average students and ask their professors to groom them.
It is only then we would give credit to these institutions.

And anyway if you have an admission test you will hv to take the students who top the test you cannot say I would prefer to take the weaker ones.

The first step towards education is the school; hence there shud not be any bias here. Your point of IIT comes at a later stage, after school. Hence, they may afford to take the cream. However, the primary stage of schooling shud be common. After IITs comes Corpoartes, Office; here again you can prefer the cream. Here the people opting are matured, has gained knowledge. But children seeking school are young, innocent and new. They are yet to understand the world, the educational aspect. Thus here, there shud not be ANY SPECIAL preferences, memos, rejections etc

Good Luck

Without rejections you would see most students trying to study in just 2-3 schools, which is not practically possible.
And a lottery kind of a system is also not the best option.


Your fundamental point is valid.

Having said that, do you know of any other institution in the world that does not want to admit top students? Of course, every one does that. And, it is also a given that if you want to crack IIT - there is absolutely no option but to go for intense special coaching classes. Even the #1 JEE ranker will say that - and of course the school can't do much about that.

At the end of the day, IMO, what matters most is - does your kid have friends/peers that reflect your values that matters to you. If the school furthers that it's great - but given how things are - as long as the school does not hinder that - that is sufficient.

Lastly - the reason why people still clamor for NPS is - "History / Track record of having delivered". Most of the schools out there are new (and bulk of them are started by real estate guys). So - what are you going to do? You obviously go for track record.

Good luck!!

When my child got admission to the the school, i was happy for her. But the recent happenings in the school make me wonder about my child's future - was it the right decision ? A typical benchmark from my perspective is the number of students getting admitted to the IITs. The record has been really dismal - very few students make it & that too they get only the "left-over" departments.

And what happened today, really took the cake ! the school organized a "music day" today. The teachers made the children practice for the last 4 months, wasting the precious teaching time / class hours every day & with no intention of making up for these lost hours. The school wanted to make this a mega publicity event, & is least bothered about the future of the children. And, as expected, the incompetent teachers mis-managed it & made a laughing stock of themselves. But the bigger concern is the uncaring & rude behaviours of teachers like Madam A & Madam U. Another teacher threatened to hit a child ....

If this is the role models that children are having around them, then God help us.
Another recent trend is organizing events ((e.g. picnics) for the children & extracting exorbitant amount of money from the children. This is another way of generating revenue, instead of raising the school fees !! Then, the children are coerced to buy these photos for Rs 50 each !! Is this ethical ? What values are they teaching to the children ?

IIT coaching depends on a child's personal interest and if the school started grooming kids for IITs you would have more people cribbing about an intense academic environment.

It is more about the discipline and values they instill. Kids like that will ultimately do well in life.

I thnk non-academics like music days are important.

The picnics are not at all mandatory.

Most important if somebody doesnt't like the school there is always an option of taking out the kid, but it is interesting to note tht nobody does tht if given an option.

I completely agree with you. It is so important that children take part in other activities and I just love the system at nps indiranagar because every child is up on stage. whether they can sing or dance or do art they are all doing them.
i think there are just a few schools where they care about letting every child participate.
very true - anyone who is unhappy should immediately shift their child because there are so......o many schools available.
i think my friend who says Rs. 50 is too much for photographs has not visited studios recently. check at whizz in JB nagar and to print a photo of that size will cost more then 50 bucks!!
my nephews and nieces who study in other schools pay such huge amount for picnics! Please chk it out!
Anyway, its always the other side is greener! But i'm very happy with my boys at nps indiranagar!

Well we are taking our child out of the school at the end of this academic session - it does not matter if the school gives an option or not. We should refrain from making generic statements, such as no parents take out their kids, without knowing the facts.

It appears NPS has its own definition of what is meant by kids doing well - it is no coincidence that academic results reflect that e.g. very average IIT ranks.

Right thing to do since u r not happy, please let me kno were u asked to withdraw ur child or are u getting transferred?I hv heard of people being asked to withdraw. if not which school are u putting ur kid in? Do kids do better there academically or otherwise?

One mother i knew of would complain because it seems the teachers were not happy since he could not write properly. He was in ukg.

On a different note: now academic orietated studies will not be good for a child to survive in rapid changing world in next 10-20 years.
see this article:

anony: thanks for the link. some really good points there.

While in the past, the focus may have been on imparting knowledge - now it is available (well most of it at least) - at the click of the mouse. So, the process or the ability to learn and unlearn what matters is may be a key skill that kids have to learn. Having said that, I believe there are certain fundamental traits that will remain the same independent of the approach - rigor / discipline / focus etc. will continue to be important. As long as the schools / education system understands this and operates from that principle it will be good.

Will be interesting to see how the system changes over time (around the world actually).

Do schools like NPS and Sishu Griha have any rules to takes children from different board for 1'st/2'nd std ? I want to know if anybody has come across any case where child was not given admission for 1'st/2'nd std just because (s)he was from different board.

Though I assume that for primary classes it should not matter but I want to know if any parent has ever faced any such issue

I know Dr. GK just listen to very high level of approach ( I have see CM recommandation) but would to know from people if they have any idea whom does he listen to ?

does anyone know when the interviews are. will there be any names put up of the children who got in. My son has not got a call yet. so i think he may have not got through.

I called up sometime back to check abt the admissions for KG1 and was told it got over on Dec 23 itself! :(


We got a call from NPS Indiranagar for Mont I interview.

I am surprised that you got a call after 23'rd as far as admission are concerned, they were complete on 23'rd though sasken admission were left. R u from sasken quota or some high approach ?

yes, we got the seat through Sasken quota.

when is your interview for Mont-1? when did you get the call?

We got the call on 5th Jan to come for one to one discussion on Friday.
We have met Principal and paid the fees on Friday.


I stay with-in a radius of 1km for NPS indirnagar and had applied for KG-1 admission for y daughter, but unfortunatley i did not get a call. I called up the reception and the response i get is all seats are filled by siblings.

Folks in this forum who have got the admissions can you please let me know what might the edge other than siblings which has got you the admission.

I feel i was a strong contender with all good criteria

Its like cracking and puzzle or mystery on the criteria used for the selections.



Why people are running after NPS ? I heard It's pressure cooker environment for Kid, They put lot's of pressure on academics only, and If kids get below A+ for 2 - 3 timnes, They will ask to leave. What is teh point in going for such school.

NOw we all know that Gangulay committe is recomanding that no exam till class 5th and no school bags to bring back home till 5th Class. Then these kind of school will not succedd. I my self have studied in acemedic pressure environmnrt , today I think I could have put effort in other area and activities also.

Gear school look boit innovative n different. I know typical Desi parents may not agree with my ideas. GO n watch 3 Idiots and then decide :)

Hi Kam,

I would like to differ from what you said.
It might have its own negatives but I dont feel it is as bad as people make it sound in these forums.
There is hardly any pressure on the kids till the 7th standard.
At the preprimary level you just have a once a week 10 min homework , i guess which is to help parents understand what is happening in school.
After standard 1 too the kids are prepared in school for the tests that are taken.
The teachers are all also very nice.

There are a lot of nonacademic activities to groom a child's personality and extra hobby clases. Due to lack of space they cannot provide too many sports facilities but they do encourage children to take part.

In every school there is a always a bottom 10-15% who do not do well and in every school parents of such kids are called at regular intervals so that both the school and the family environment can help the child do better.

Probably if you go around asking parents of kids in NPS it is only the ones whose kids are doing really bad make all the noise. The others would all be happy .

As for the selection criterion it may be wrong or right but whatever he criterion is if you have thousands of parents applying for just 30 or 50 seats most of the people would obviously not get selected and be unhappy. Nobody would ever by happy with the criterion because most people would always miss out. And for that matter not many good schools make their criterion known.

Thanks and sorry if I have hurt anybody.

another point- after 10, 12 years when our child will be ready to choose their desired field, I wonder will only acadamic orietated studies will be enough. Today also we can see that smart kids are those who are all rounder so I guess we need schools which gives importance to other activities also apart from studies. we need school which can teach children understand concept throughly and thus securing A+ rather than mugging up and securing A+.

I am disagrreing to your point of 3 idiots as Amir khan used to solve 10'th std. maths in 6'th std apart from topping the class. so he was anyway extra-ordinary. Those who fall into that category will go good where ever they are, but you still need to groom intelligent and avarage student.

Are they doing admissions for 2010-11 or 2011-12 batch (Montessori).


initially i was crazy abt getting my child admitted in NPS indrgr. but eventually i changd my mind for follow reasons

1. it is only academics there
2. if child doesnot perform at A+ level, after 3 memos child will be asked to leave - no ownership by the school

am not writing this bcos i didnot get admission, it is bcos i didnot seek admission.
there are really other good schools that give importance to other skillsets as well

all the best

You are right, its mainly a hype and few people who look at their result in the reception which would be manly A+ but they fail to realise that school would have already asked non-performer ( below 85%) to leave.

Ms. Right, can u name these other schools that u spoke about? thanks in advance

Other good schools I was refering to are Shishugriha, Vibgyor. Otherwise even small Montessori Schools like Prerana are good following dedicated montessori method.

FYI, Vibgyor is not following montessori. aware that vibgyor is not follow mont. that way even NPS doesnot follow though they may claim so. some schools have all the mont materials however they dont follow.

i was mentioning in general that vibgyor seems to be good!

as my child is being taught writing letters in sand, air which is mont. method.

Yes as you said, they seem to follow mixed methodologies. I feel this is ok rather than the 'PRESSURE' put on the child on academics alone.

In general I wud like to say 'There are 2 kind of parents. One who is ONLY for academics and one who seeks balanced streams. There is nothing right or wrong. It is the parents choice for the child. The first category will be crazy abt NPS while the second will be totally not for it.

Parents, you all think yourselves as child and then take a call!

GEAR is one such good school you should consider if looking for montessori


Came to know this through other sources and sharing in this forum,
GEAR New campus CGCLS ( Confident - GEAR Creative Leadership School ) is coming up in Sarjapur and starting with academic year 2010.

Admission is already started for Montessori and Grades I to V.

CGCLS Hub more details,

We got admission for our son yesterday in NPS Indiranagar montessori. Interview with parents was mere a formality. Interacting with school management and receptionist was very nice experience.

Could u pls let me know the selection criteria for montesseri.I have applied for my son in HSR branch.
What are the criterias they have considered for selection.Parents who got admission pls let us know so that we can have little hope.

NPS indiranagar LKG admissions are over on 19-DEC-09

Well, true and false. The calls were made on Friday 19th and the interviews were done on Monday and hence closed on Monday and for some who did not have a draft ready immediately, will be closed today.

At least this is what happened with us. I received a call on Friday intimating a time on Monday, where they were a lot of anxious looking parents. Found out that they had a lot of Interviews scheduled in the day. 15 minutes per ward, maybe even lesser (could be 2 in the same slot), which means in 8 hours, they could have completed the 60 for KG1.

I heard gathered that the Montessori (30 wards) were indeed closed for the year already, but was different for the Sasken branch (for which the calls would still be before 24th, as the school closes for Christmas).

Bottom-line, for all anxious parents it has got to be before the 23rd or before, for this year's admissions.

I remember some one replying to one of my earlier post (either in NPS Indiranagar or in NPS Rajajinagar) that there is no interaction for NPS and they just call and inform the parents that their kid is selected and will ask them to pay the fees. Looks like that was a false information. So looks like they do shortlist the application and call the kids for interaction.

Well, now one can say that the interaction is not the key but the call for the interaction itself is quite decisive. So what you heard is almost true in that respect. Unless the interaction is completely not as per their expectations, or if there is a case of incoherent data provided on the form. I would not like to take away that the interaction however is an element, as in retrospect we did feel the butterflies till we were actually told that, "admission is granted" by Mr. Gopalakrishnan.
I know another friend of ours who was called for an interview at Rajajinagar (also for this year).
The questions were very general and basic. There are no right / wrong responses (at least that you hope). It is about their selection for the call (IMHO).

I doubt about NPS having any interview for kids. Not sure about other branches but atleast in Rajajinagar, there was no interview for the child or the parents.

We just got a call that our child is selected and we have to pay the fee via DD on specific date and time. And no waiting time there too. We met the Chairman Gopalakrishna at the specified time and it was simple exchange of pleasantries. Like how we are planning to send the kid whether via school transport or private transport, who takes care of the kid at home, whether working parents would be able to give attention to the child or not ... such things.

Since the selection was already announced, the seat was not based on this interaction as such.

Does ur kid fall under sibling category?
Were most of the parents gathered there have an older child in the same school?

Hi Preeti, no, this was for our only daughter. So not under the 'sibling quota' (as some put it).

Hi Anon,
Thanks for the detailed information
Can you help me with few queries, on application filling
1) Parents should be working (Mother home maker or is working)
2) Which org you are working for (may be IT, PSU etc)
3) what salary bracket have you filled (Give a assumed number not true number)
4) which locality you stay (Indiranagar, Thippasandra etc)
This info will help other parents to atleast stand a chance or look for other school

Hey Satish, there is just way too much variance from the 8-10 parents I met on all those parameters. There is no one extrapolation that i could derive from it. But true, I had these same queries as you.
I think this would be best answered by the school really (which rhetorically they strictly do not entertain).

Anon, agreed each parent had a different version to my questions. Can you give what you had input in the admission application form. It will be an eye opener for all. Dont give correct numbers give some x digits. Atleast we would know what is expected at NPS. If you still cannot, dont understand the admission criteria :-)

Call Indi today and receptionist updated about this, LKG will follow soon, monday or next week.

r they giving the status of the application if we tell the child's name?

When NPS indiranagar is starting LKG admission.. did anyone get call from NPS INR? please update..

they have already started LKG admission since yesterday ( friday) and two person known to me have already got a call, though I am still waiting ...

I had made an application for the kg section for son in the month of october and was suppose to receive call by 30 nov but did not receive any call. I called NPS today and was informed that they have not yet processed the application and are likely to complete before 24-12-2009 or after 4-1-2010. If any one has received calls for kg admission please update.......... i think nps should update all the applicants about the status of the application ......... as all the parents are waiting to take a decision on the selection of the schools for their loved ones.......

When i called NPS(indiranagar) they said this year the admissions are given only to siblings.They are not going to call any outsiders for the Mont.

Its so sad after waiting for months , to see such response from school.

or they said this as always....Its not only this year, year after year they say that they will give admission to only siblings ..

I think they have no other option left unless they increase the number of seats in montessori or open new branches. BTW, does anyone know the total number of seats available in montessori in Indira Nagar, rajaji ngr, koramangala and hsr layout branches.

I heard that its only 30 in hsr layout. How about other branches?

like many of you, i too am waiting to hear from NPS asap, so that we can decide on some other school, if not NPS.

I wanted to know, how many of you are thinking of/ having a back up school (ie. where a huge chuck of fees already paid), say school B, if nps doesn't call. Should we pay the admn fees in school B, wait for nps to call. If we get a call from NPS, then decide whether to waste the money spent on school B and switch to NPS, or reluctantly carry on with school B.

If Mr. Gopalakrishna or the management of NPS is reading this, I PLEAD to him to do some justice to us parents by calling the selected candidates asap, as many of us are in the above mentioned dilemma. I understand that NPS is busy with their internal affairs and celebrations. But our problems too should not get overlooked. The money involved IS a substantial sum and is hard earned. So is the future of the kid's education.

We wait for NPS, we don't go for a backup school thinking of the money involved, and tomorrow if the kid is not selected by nps, what do we do?? So, NPS and Mr. Gopalakrishna, please do justice and call the selected ones asap.

Chances of getting seat in NPS are very bleak, if its not for sibling. I would suggest go for fall-back options as that is going to become primary school for almost all of us ( 99.9%).

Has NPS indiranagar started the LKG admission calls?

I heard that one of the parent got call from NPS Rajaji Nagar and were asked to pay DD Rs.74,250/-

Hey, did any one get a call for the interview from NPS indiranagar ? It seems they are delaying the process. Is it true?

We had applied and when we checked with the school, they said all seats have been filled by siblings. let us know if you get a call.

Montessori & KG admission are post pone to unknown date. This is mainly becoz NPS chairman is busy with venturing another new school at aboard. This I heard from someone from school circle. One more things is that he only personally shortlist the resumes for Mont and KG.


last year we too had applied for mont. admn for our daughter. when we called them up in dec 2009, we were told that all the seats for mont. admn had been given to siblings..
one exception. I know of someone who managed to get into mont. b'coz the kid's dad works for Sasken..


Today, I called NPS Indiranagar to be told that they have not decided the dates when they'll start calling. When I asked her to specify a date, she was not even ready to give a tentative one and said that she herself didn't know when they would start caliing. This is crazy..


Its confirm that for Montessori NPS IND is only taking consideration about sibling criteria.

I wonder how can first time parent get into admission with school putting so many constain's.

NPS HSR says : THERE ARE JUST 10 seats for which they have put 7 criteria's
NPS : KORAMANGLA : Dont know what out of universe idea they will come to select students

Bethany High School in Koramangla lays that if you are leaving on Banerghatta road apply in Sherwood .

Question is : what if parents are relocating to near by area. Then they should wait and try again.

I wonder where my baby will get admission with best schools laying there own such stringent criteria.

Sometimes i feel getting job in IT company is much more easier then getting kids admitted to some of the best schools.

Schools are creating hype. We really don't know the quality of education in so called famous schools. Most of the schools are jusy fancy centers. Should we think/worry so much about these schools?

With 100s of criteria it is nearly impossible to get seats in so called famous schools of Bangalore. And all are taking too much of fees which is realy not worth paying. Most of have done out entire professional course in less than a lakh(including hostel expenditure). and here we are paying just 1 lakh as fees for 1 yr for this Nursery/Mont-1.

It is public looting. So, let us not worry too much. It is better to get educated in convent schools such as FAPS, Bishop, Baldwin, Catheral, Betheny etc. Let us explore those schools who take asmission for LKG. Also 3 yrs is too early for the kid to goto school, by 4 kids will be really ready to go to school. There is one VVS in Marathahalli which take less fees, relaxed school timing, etc..

I don't think its school which is creating hype, we all r responsible for running after the school since they have proven results year after year. I guess almost everybody apply for their child for few limited seats, hence they have to choose. I accept its really frustating for a parent not to get admission of their child in a school of their choice, but beggers can't be choossers. Now a days there r so many avenues, hence we parents should not run after academic orientated school, but easier said than done, we all are afraid to venture into unknown territory. I wish Dr. KP GopalKrishna opens few more school and some more parents can fulfill their wish to put their child in NPS.

True and well said. There are other good schools as well, but everyone wants to put their kid in NPS purely to brag about it.. Not all kids in NPS score above 90% in their class x and xii exams .

There are 2 or 3 schools in 5 star category. Everyone applies for it. When most of them dont get it, they look into the next 15-20 schools with 4 star category and apply to 2 or 3 in them and it goes on.

According to me NPS and Kumarans are in 5 star category.

how can we know about this 'stars. Who decides this?


after considering the popularity of the schools, results in the CBSE/ICSE exams, science/maths/cyber olymbiads, affordability to middle class and upper middle class.

Hi Guddu,
How did you confirm this info ? Did u call them ? Today morning I tried to call them but could not get through ( it looked like they picked up and kept the phone off the hook).

Yes i called NPS IND. after trying for 2 days and that is where they told me that they are looking for sibling criteria

Hi, I had called up NPS HSR today and she told me that they will let us know only in Jan. Last year also they fooled us by telling Jan, but when we went there in Jan we were told that the admission process was closed before Xmas Holidays...

Not sure when we will come to know about the results.

I had been to NPS indiranagar in person to enquire about KG-1 admissions. They had mentioned that they will call parents in Nov 2009 if their children are selected for screening. The lady in the reception (neither rude nor pleasent - more like a robot) answered that "we haven't decided yet and parents can expect a call anytime".

Forget their achievements - they lack transparency and they seem to have lifeless people manning the reception. :-(

This is absolutely ridiculous. They distribute forms just to make money. It is as clear as it can be. Why can't they have a different window for sibling forms and then based on how many applications they receive they can decide to open up admissions for others.? They dont do that because they want to make money at the cost of harassing general people who stand for hours together for getting forms and pay up 250-300 Rs.

hi, called up NPS Indra Nagar today regarding the admission in nursery. they told me that there are 30 seats and they have recd 45 sibling applications. so most probably all the seats will be filled up by siblings only. bad luck for the parents trying admission for the first kid.

This is redicules. If that is the case there is no point in issuing application forms to general public. They are making mone out of this also, it looks. This school has good name. So, it is quite natural for all to explore the possibility of taking admission. But, off late it looks NPS is becoming too stingy. It is too upsetting. I heard last time also they did not take any kid from general public

I completely agree with you guys. If this is the case why unnecessarily distributing forms when they don’t have seats to General public like us who have only one kid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did anyone received a call for Mont.1 admission 2010-11?
Today (Nov.30th) was the deadline for receiving a call/informed.

Please comment.