National Public School (NPS), Koramangala

Next to National Games Village, Koramangala, 80ft Rd, Bangalore
+(91)-(80)-25705171,25705172 |

Board: CBSE

The Koramangala branch of National Public School (NPS) is located inside the National Games Village complex. It was established in 2003 and is affiliated to CBSE.

All the NPS schools in Bangalore are some of the most sought after and gaining an admission is always a challenge. Typically, the admission procedures (distribution of admission forms) get started in October time frame (for the following academic year). Please check with the school for exact dates as it varies from year to year.

The Koramangala branch houses the montessori, kindergarten, and standards from 1st to the 12th.

Some of the other branches are: NPS Rajajinagar, NPS Indira Nagar and the newly started NPS HSR Layout


Quite a few options for after school activtiies (Music, Band, Dance, Athletics, Sports/Games, Self-defence etc.). Apart from this, there is art work etc. as a part of the regular school work.

Fee Structure

Roughly around Rs. 60,000. Please check with the school for exact and updated figures.

School Timing
  • Montessori (M0, M1 and M2) - 9.00 AM till 12.00 noon
  • KG - 8.00 AM till 12.00 noon
  • Others - 8.00 AM till 3.00 PM



Hi, can anyone let me know if the admissions have started for Montessori/ nursery for next academic year?

Can anyone tell me the details of entrance test for standard 3 - portions? My son got a call for test this week.

Hello Parents!!

Can any body please give feedback on nps , banashankari.

I am planning to put both my kids in that school

Please help!!

hello parents,
90% of the parents want their child to be in nps,did u ever think why.
i have spoken to couple of senior students who have passed out of school, which is why they freely speak that, they are very stressed out when they were in nps .
there is so much pressure given to each child there to study that toppers will be safe but the bottom five will keep getting eliminated from school coz nps wants only toppers in their school.have u ever thought if ur child may be in the bottom five what will happen specially if they are siblings.
each year when they hire new candidates to play safe in their results, we as parents do not think abt this fact and we push our child in to this school, again stress is faced and bottom five is always kicked out .
at last when only brainy people survive in 10th and 12th standard the bottom five of the brainy are again kicked out,so alas the school has its name for toppers but they do not actually produce these toppers. its from the other schools we are getting these intelligent children.
if u are a good mom and want only academics into ur child do not run behind nps but put her in any school which is pretty decent and upcoming and spend time with them in little motivation and see for urself that ur child will stand beyond their potentials
,i got this analysis done when i purposefully met couple of senior students who are gold medalists and i felt proud abt their capability.
its not that i do not like nps,i will appreciate that old man's work for his reputation but lets all encourage other schools as well.
this message is for all the moms out there who are struggling to put their children in nps.
all the good luck for all the wonderful kids out there for a better eco friendly india

being a mother ...
even i like nps.....
but i like to put her in kumarans or dps...
dont put in nps

enquired in school... hav not yet started calling students for montessori.. if n e one has received pls do update:)


i want to know how to admit my child in nps, koramangala. please contact me on 9008264495


Has anyone got a call from NPS for Montesary admission for 2013-14?do let me know?

We got a call from NPS Kormangala for our kid's admission today.Though it was unexpected but fortunately it happened.They have given 2 days of time to pay the fees.

They keep on telling that they themselves have no clue :)

Has anyone got a call for admission to Montessori yet?

Yup i received a call for mont at nps, kormangala this afternoon.

LKG Admission form for fy 2013-14.

I Read reviews on thisscool n its not very good.
Read this...
Now i am not trying for this school anymore.

Hi All,
We got a call from nps koramangala today morning at around 11 for my daughter's LKG admission.
They have asked us to come on 12th jan with DD.

R U sure you got a call? 12th jan seems to be Saturday. Do they work on Sats?

can you please let me know what is the fees this year.
i would like to know it as i am willing to try for my kid

Congratulations GS, any idea what was the criteria? Do you come under siblings/alumni category? Are both the parents working?

i heard calls have been started for this friday they will finish calling the shortlisted any call from nps by friday means the child has got admitted in nps else we sud try somewhere else............

Nope thats not true. I heard short listing itself is not yet done as they are still accepting registration forms. They would start calling only from Jan.

I think NPS koramangala started calling people from today couple of my colleagues also got call today for LKG...they have called everyone (as it seems now) on 12th for discussion and fees.

Hi All,

If any of you have submitted the application and have already received call from NPS Koramangala, please let me know. It will be helpful to have other options if so.

Thanks, VB

Hi All,

I called up school today and they informed that the shortlisting has not been started yet. If selected they will intimate by the end of Jan month.


Not received any intimation from NPS Koramangala yet. I had called them and they said, if selected they'll give a call by 2nd Jan.


Are the admissions are closed for classes above nursary for year 2012/13 ?

Please update.


Now the application forms are available online. We can submit by Nov 30, 2011.

Please let me know when can i get the application for nuersery for thae academic year 2012-2013 in Koramangala.

Rekha Vikas

Any idea when the applications for 2012 are given?

The NPS applications are already on their website Down load the application, fill it up and give it before end of November.


Admission form is available in NPS kormangala website from 1/11/2011.

can any one please tell me how much the fees for 1st standard.


Any news on NPS -Kormangala and HSR Admission form

No idea. When ever I call them they say "we have not decided on the date yet" and ask us to keep calling them or check their website...... And i guess its holiday time for them.. when I called today morning no body picked up the phone!!

Can anyone tell me when can i get the admission form for nursery kids for sesssion 2012013 from NPS,Indiranagar.

NPS Indiranagar forms were out on the 12th Sep 2011.

If you regard for your child’s welfare and also if you regard for your self respect, try some other good school. NPS is well known for its arrogant staff, arrogant teachers, non-transparency, no creative development in its students, only just hype. Their trick is to carefully select only meritorious students to get good marks in exams and also NRI's children (as they dont know much about NPS). A huge complaint list against this school is seen often.
And for your kind info, The current campus at koramangala is built largely on government land which makes the supposed to be role model management, nothing but a land grabber. So far regular `adjustments' with corrupt government officials and politicians ( Kind attn. ANNA HAZAREji) has kept the school running.

Wow sour grapes anyone?

We are shifting to bangalore with my two daughters in class 9 and 7, we got a exam call letter from NPS Koramangala for 9 april. Can anybody help me regarding the format of the exams , if it is objective and any idea what r their expectations .would also like to find out if they are very particular about age in the respective classes

i am looking for admission in 1sr standard for my grandson. He wd be arriving in bangalore in second week of Mar 2011. Can any one pl. help ?


Anybody got a call for 1st Standard admission ?
Do let me know.



My daughter is having written test on 7th Apr 2011 for 1st Std admission.


can you plese share info regarding the 1st standard entrance exam format as i intend to try for a seat for my daughter for the next academic year.


My son also has the entrance test on 7th April for Ist std admission. Any idea what are all asked as part of the test ?


My son got call from HSR and Koramangala Branch today

I also have applied for 1st grade admission but got no call from school so far

I had applied for montessory/1kg dg. sept.10, Till now I did not get a call for either admission or interview

pl. reply

Hi Namita,

When are you supposed to pay & why the delay in calling?

We had to go with our baby and meet up Principal Ma'am. She was so sweet & gentle that my daughter who was basically little shy, started getting comfortable within minutes! We paid the fee and completed the formalities then and there. Hope this helps.

Hi Namita,

Since you stay in Banagalore would you be able to tell me- which of the 3-4 NPS schools are really good ones? Or they equally good?

Do all the NPS schools in Bangalore follow similar teaching pattern?

What is the class size for primary standards?



Namita is fake, she posted on the NPS IndiraNagar as well.

I got a call from NPS Kormanagala!

Hi Namita, Congrats on getting the call from NPS KRM. Can you please let us know when you got the call? was it last week?
Thank you.


We got a call on 4th December to come down on 8th December.

when did u get this call? and for which grade?


I Called up NPS Kormanagal branch tdy whre i submitted applcation for my duaghter for LKG.
They said admission are over and parents have ben paid the bill .

My daughter was not selected.
SHall i Knw whther the list is posted in the school or people got call.



We had taken the admission form from NPS Indiranagar and they informed that they will let us know abt the admission through mail or sms, but till date nothing has been done.
the main reason is that they are sorting out application of children who's parents are taking fat salary, and business man, only then we can get admission. they want to make money by selling applications even after knowing how many seats are avaliable. this is a trick with the school and they are cheating the middle class public who are striving hard to get admission in schools.

I have applied for 1st grade for my daughter..For which grade( KG or grade) you got the call from NPS kormangala?? Pls reply..Thanks

They have asked us to attend the interview on 8th with the DD if possible for 80,450/-.
I heard some got a call from NPS Indiranagar too. Hope this info helps .

Hi. Any idea on what exactly is the interview about?

Any comments?
We got a call today for the current year.

My kids go there. We are very happy with the school.

There is always this "myth" around NPS being too academic. Based on our experience so far (my daughter is in 2nd grade now), we can say it's not been the case.

Having said that I'v heard that the pace does pick up after 5th. But hey - may be that's needed too. But so far so good.

I would blindly admit the kid here. If you choose otherwise, will be great if you can share your thoughts on why you did so.

Dear Neel,

Our son will be appearing for grade 2 entrance test on 10th april 2012(he will go to class 2 next year). Do you have any idea about the test pattern(type of questions asked....options etc, how many questions in each paper....hindi, english, maths, syllabus, NPS books to refer etc). Would appreciate any suggestion regarding the same. Kindly reply soon.


Dear Priya,

Hope you got admission for your son in NPS by now :)

My name is Lokesh & we will be shifting to Bangalore from US very soon.. we are looking for admission in NPS for our son in 2nd grade & was wondering if you could share some details about the entrance test for grade 2.

Would really appreciate you help on this...


Called up the school today. Was informed that results will be announced from Jan 2011 First week onwards.



Any one know when we will know for Nursery admission for NPS Indira Nagar or NPS Koramangala? We have given applicaion forms.

Will they call us in the mobile number or post it in school.Did anyone got calls already or know if the admission is already over or not?

I appreciate your reply and time


Hi ,

I have collected the form from NPS kormangala.
Can anybody let me know if the NPS komrangala is still accepting the forms ?.

Is it ok if I go tommorow( 9th Nov 2010) and submit the form.


can someone confirm the dates for submitting forms at NPS Koramangala?

02 Nov to 15 Nov

Would anybody recall when the NPS Indiranagar forms were given for Montessori?
on 20th Oct or 21st Oct.
I got ofrms collected through a Office boy on 20th Oct and submitted on 21st Oct for Mont 1.
Not sure the forms was for Higher classes or Montessori, since it was not mentioned on the form.
Pls respond.

hi could u tell me coming monday they will issue the application form in kor branch.
what is age criteria


Can someone please help confirm if my daughter born in Sep 2005 will get admission to 1st grade in NPS(looking for the HSR layout branch).

Thanks in advance


I m looking for admission for my son for UKG.Can you plz let me know what is the procedure and the fee structure.

They are giving out the application forms out now (starting 21st I think). Not sure of what hte procedure is for UKG. 'coz usually most of the acdmission is into LKG and the Montessori stream. You got to check with the school. Good luck.

can someone confirm the dates for submitting forms at NPS Koramangala?

Criteria for Mont is 3 years as of Jun'11 - so I don't think you should be trying for Mont. In fact they would probably not even issue a form to you for Mont. You should try LKG - age is fine for LKG and it should be minimum of 3 in case of LKG

I heard the forms are out today. Can someone confirm?

NPS HSR application forms are available in their website.
Can download and submit it in the school along with DD of Rs.250 in working days.


Can you tell me where are the forms located in the Website ?
I visited the NPS HST layout website but don't see the forms anywhere ?

Please do let me know.


Hi Neeta,
Not sure if you still weren't able to download the form. Go to their website ( ) and you will see some tabs on the left - click on Admissions, under that there is 'Application form for 2011-2012' that should take you to a page which has the pdf file. Download and print it; fill it and drop in the school's drop box along with a copy of your kids Birth Certificate and a DD of Rs. 250.
You can check the 'Admission process' tab for any clarifications on the process.

My daughter is going to be 3.5 yrs by Jun 2011. I want her admission into NPS. Does anybody know the age criteria (min/max) either for Mont or LKG?


I am trying to seek admission for my son to LKG -Jun 2011. at the NPS HSR layout branch...i beleive the age limit is between 3.10yrs to 4.8yrs for admission to LKG.

She is underage for LKG and overage for Mont , is what the school would say (they said the same things to me last year for 3.6 yrs kid in Jun).. They told me to try next yr for LKG when the kid will be with in correct age range for LKG (4-5 yrs) ..
Mont , I heard they are very particular about age, the kid should be exactly 3+/- 1 month to start mont ...

Hope this helps

Hi, My kid will be 2 years 11 months in June 2011, do we have chance in Mont.

I spoke with the school earlier today. They said that they are yet to decide the date but asked to call back in a couple of days. She also mentioned that Indiranagar is giving out forms from Oct 20th.

They are giving application forms from tom, i.e. 20th Oct to 27th Oct.
Only one form for all the branches.

Hi Sheetal, I know Indiranagar is starting to give it from tomorrow. But, is Koramangala giving it out tomorrow too? 'coz the last time I called them they asked me to call back on Monday. Please confirm.

they r giving from tom

R u sure the admision form For NPS kormangala branch is issued form tdy onwards..
I heard its only for NPS indira Nagar. and it will be different for each branches.
People please confirm. HAve to collect the same.
Tried calling them several times, but in vein.


Hi all,
The application forms are issuied for NPS kormangala starting 21 st OCT.
I collected the same tdy (oct 22). they are giving from 9 30 to 11.


Can someone please tell me when does the sale of admission forms for NPS Kormangla and NPS HSR layout begin ? I have tried calling the schools many times but no one responds.

NPS HSR will start giving forms tomorrow i..e. 21.10.2010. Pls check their website too.

--- Anjali


What is the fee at NPS koramangala for Montessori?
I like to know the annual tution fees as well as the initial admission/donation. Please help me getting the fee structure if anybody recently admitted their son/daughter.


My daughter is in Mont-2 of NPS, Rajajinagar. The fee was 69k in Mont-1 and it was same for Mont-2. But the fee would vary each year for new admissions. As everything is charged as tuition fee, the fee here never reduces unlike other schools where only first year fee is high.


Thanks for the details.What is the criteria for admission to mont-1 ?
Do you think, they will consider parents fees, proximity.
Since your kid got admission here, iam curious to get some reasons they use to shortlist the kids.


One of my friends' son goes there. I think its about 70K.

Hi All,

Could anyone tell me about NPS, Koramangala & HSR as I stay nearby to these places.

I am looking for getting admitted my daughter in either of these schools for LKG for academic Year 20011 - 2012. Please do let me know is it worthwhile.

Also please do let me know any other good schools if you people know.

Looking forward for your comments. Every comment is valuable

Can anyone tell me what is the age criteria for M0 in NPS?When do they start issuing forms and what is the selection criteria?

What I have heard is for mont the age range is 3 year +/- 2 months in NPS ... If your kid doesnt fit into that age range, try LKG next year ... NPS has both LKG and Mont...

I am returning from Australia for good and will settle in Bangalore. I am looking for my daughter's admission for KG 2 at NPS HSR Layout / Kormangla . Could you please share your view if this is possible to get admission at these schools in the month of May?

hi guna,

from what i know, the admissions for NPS HSR is already over. Having said that, there may still be some last minute drop outs / open slot.

It is best to reach out to the school over the phone to get to know.

Good luck.


This year the admission to Std 1 and above was a joke. They conducted the test only to let all parents know that there are no vacancies in NPS, Koramangala. They put up a list of waitlisted students.

All these just to fleece money from people

The same thing for NPS HSR layout. They have selcted kids only for class1. For class 2,3 and 4 , only waiting lists are there.

Hi Reena,

Would it be possible for you to let me know how many kids got admission in Std 1 in NPS HSR ?


Sure. They selected about 30 students in 1st standard. I think they have added a new section. 5-6 kids were in the waiting list also.

I have applied for admission of my son in both the schools NPS Koramangala and HSR layout for 2nd standard and ironically they have kept the entrance test on the same day at 7th april. Both schools are same distance from my home and I want to try in both. Do they do it purposefully? Please suggest what to do now.

Yes, the conduct the test on the same day and same time for all their branches. So you have to decide which one you want to apply for. This is followed every year.

Does anyone know if the shortlisted children have been informed for Class 1 and 3 in NPS Koramangla and HSR?

hi can anybody whose child has done the nps 1st standard test tell me what the test is like. English portion and math portion on which the child is tested. thanks in advance

Hi is there anyone whose child has done the entrance for 1st who can guide us on what the question paper was like. Appreciate the help.

My daughter will be looking for admission in next year for Montessori . I want to know how much distance is considered close (I stay in Wilson Garden) from school authority standpoint? As someone mentioned "ability to pay", how do they find out that? do they ask salary of parents .. on/off records?

Yes, admissions are over in Koramangala. I somehow think proximity and ability to pay is a factor in selection, as I know for sure 2 kids who have been selected but don't meet with the schools age criteria!

Any idea about following?

a) How do they check ability to pay? Do they ask on/off records?
b) what distance do they consider close?


if you did not get a call by noon today, tough luck

I don't think admissions in HSR are over yet .. I just called them up and found out results will be out by Jan end.

we got a call on Monday to meet today. met the prinicipal and afterwards we were informed that admission is granted and need to deposit fees by tomorrow.

Oh man! NPS missed a smart kid! NPS's loss is DPS's gain.


Hi Ram
Which DPS your kid has joined? How is DPS East? What about the donation and fees?
Thanks in advance

did anyone receive call from nps kormangla ? Is there going to be interview ?

I too am waiting for the call. When I called during Dec 3rd week, they said they will give a call during Jan 2nd week.
If anyone else receives a call from NPS Koramangala, please let others know so that we can at least guess ;-)

We did get a call for Mont .. interview on 7th

What was the interview like? What do they assess.
I am looking at NPS montessori for my child next year.

from which branch u got the call?

from NPS kor. for the mont ...

got from Kor. for mont 1 ..

We got a call from NPS Kor this morning and was asked to meet them tmrw. The lady said "if" selected we have to pay the fees within 2 days. So really wondering if there are still chances of not getting through! BTW this is for KG1.

Admissions to NPS Kor for LKG and Mont are over for 2010-2011.......

Congratulations! i called up and they said my daughter's name is not on list. Do u stay nearby to school bcoz i think distance is also a criteria?


Congratulations ! i also called up and they said my daughter's name is not in list.. Do you stay nearby to school bcoz distance is also one of the criteria??

Thanks and regards,

We got the admission and paid the fees. We stay in BTM.

oh.. so there are chances ofrejection even after receiving the call.Can someone confirm ?

Or are they yet to start the shortlisting process?

Anyone got any call from them for interview?

Did anybody get call from NPS Indranagar for interview.

I have called up NPs Indiranagar, they have informed that they will confirm in 1 st week of Dec'09 for Mont I

Any update on this people?

Haven't heard anything from the school yet... even we have applied for our kid in NPS indiranagar for MONT1

Hi , I have collected admission for my son for Mont 1 in October! Are they calling people for interview..Heard the process is started from 1st week of November

as per a comment on , someone has got a call on Nov 10th for nursery and was asking to pay the fees.
But i just called the school , and they said that the results will be out only in the last wk of Nov/ 1st wk of dec

has anyone else got any call from the school?


I have applied for Montessori in NPS Indiranagar for my daughter. Anyone got call from them?? Please let me know..

Thank you!

I had submitted the application form for Kg1 2010-11 batch at NPS Indira Ngr in the 1st week of Oct 09.I still havent got a call from them.Has anybody got a call from them?

Hi Neri,

Me too applied for my son for the year 2010-11, but till now didn't get call from them.
I enquired with them today but they replied that we will come to know by end of Nov 09.

If they didnt called then its like we are not selected for this year.

There is no transparency in NPS as of I know.


the queue for getting the forms was so the entire blore had come today. the queue was atleast 1 km ( not joking). And after 11, they closed the gates and only those inside the gates were given forms. i reached at 9.20 and got the forms at 12.15.

they r just out there to make money. After i got the form, i heard the help desk lady say, that there r several critirea like sibling/ proximity/ alumini etc, points r given , and bsed on those scores, they take. So basically, for normal parents, chances r very very slim
secondly, while u buy the form , no queris r answered. After getting the form, they tell some parents that chances r slim, submit the form and let the school take a call, results r out only in the 2nd wk of Jan.

More parents were in a fix. After getting the form, they were told by the help desk lady that the child will not fit into either M1 or Kg1... i.e the age for M1 is 2.10 to 3.6 and kg starts from kids between the age of 3.7 to 3.9 as on june 1st 2010 are basically lost. One parent said that her kid would be 3.9 and in NPS INDr she applied for kg1 and while submitting the form, she was made to cut it and write M1. While buying the form in kormangala, the lady issuing the form said, ok do the same, but after she got the form, the help desk lady said, oh the kid will not fall into any age group, ... not sure either u write M1/KG1 or just write KG1 and let the school take a call. The parent asked then, what will such kids do...and the help desk lady just said " oh maybe you all should start planning, when u r planning to have kids itself!!!!!"
Just see the height of stupidity. i was shocked , ..... ANd all this happens only after u buy the form.... so basically their only concern is that they sell their forms and make money out of that. They have made a cool 3-4 lakhs just today... many ppl were buying 2 forms for friends etc. Maximum they give is 2 forms per person. U just have to give the name and the class!!!
NPS indr was more civilised.

I know of kid born in Oct-2005 got into NPS HSR in KG-1 last year, so he was 3 yrs 7 months then. This year they are not even considering 3.9/3.10 for Kg-1.
I know lots of people who cudn't fill form or their application will not be considered for any of M0 or KG-1 because of age restriction, so I guess people who are falling into their age crieteria would have better chances than last year. Apart from that this year they distributed forms for lesser days + form submission date was for few days, so lots of poeple missed it because of vacations during that time. So, I believe people have better chances this year but I cud be wrong as they have various other filtering crieteria. Lets hope for the best.

Folks: Spoke to the "lady" and came to know that they plan to start giving out the forms from next Wednesday (21st October). Timing - 9.00 - 11.00 AM


Both NPS Koramangala and HSR have started issuing forms from today ... is 21st Oct 2009. Please go and collect the forms asap .. timings are from 9:00 to 11: 00 AM ...

I went to NPS Indira Nagar . Admission forms for Mont 1 is already over for June 2010..

I just got back from NPS Indiranagar. The admissions forms would be available for few more days, so hurry up. Costs Rs.250/- for KG1. They arent issuing forms for KG2 though.

ANy updates of the application forms?

do u know when the forms for kor/hsr will be given out?... each time they ask to call again nxt wk

I have been waiting for KOR forms as well. HSR is too far for my son.
KOR forms should be out within next week. The office admin never gives the right date. Crazy system. We got to keep calling

Anybody knows when the admission procedures start for M0 admission in NPS HSR? When I called them today they asked me to call them back on wednesday.