New Horizon Gurukul

Outer Ring Road, Marathalli,Behind New Horizon College of Engineering,, Bangalore
9741755044, 9880534935

Board: CBSE

New Horizon Gurukul is a new established school by the New Horizon Educational Institution. The school will begin operations from 2010 and will be affiliated to the CBSE curriculum.

The school is currently open for admissions from Nursery to 8th standard.

Parents: Please chime in as and when you get to know more about the school.

Fee Structure
Tution Fees (in 3 installments): 66K (was 60K earlier)
Development fees: Rs 75K (one time payment). Was 35K earlier
Admission fees: Rs 45000 (one time payment). Was 35K earlier


School Timing

 Nursery, LKG & UKG 9.50 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.
 Std. I - Std. X 8.15 a.m. To 3.25 p.m.


Being a ramakrishna mission student. I request pl do not make swami vivekanana for mske money and cheat people. I also searching addmission, they are tling this yearvthey are not taking class 1. Modi image also for get black money. Shameful. I will inform the rk mission head quater in belur math regarding this. Prople usong swamiji for image and doing all such. May good bless thess chor, badmash and money eatter. Pl read and through these schooll in gurbage. Student brain and education is the perfection withon everybody. Be human first

went for admissions for ukg.. apart from the school fees of 70,000 and a one time admission fees of 70,000, they wanted us to pay 1.5 lakhs as a "PAYMENT" towards the committee fund.. this has to be paid in cash onl;y and no receipt is given for this particular fees and also it varies for each student ranging from 75,000 to 2,00,000 depending on the family income.. the school may be good and infrastructure excellent,. but i don think its for ppl who DONT have surplus to pay... that too 1.5 lakh in BLACK.. WAS V DISSAPPOINTED .. din go back to them after two rounds of interviews and selection..

Today I got a shock to see my son's (Class 3 in NHG) diary where his English teacher (happens to be class teacher as well) had written ".... your son did't completed his classwork.....".

This is the English competency of a 3rd grade (pun intended) English teacher at NHG. You can imagine what English our kids learn in this school with such examples of so called English teachers who cannot write a line of correct English.

Somehow I have a feeling that most similar schools in Bangalore who have gone on expansion spree, boarding thousands of students in each grade are facing a big challenge finding enough teachers worth their salt. I wonder if the only solution is an IGCSC school which makes you pay through your nose (frankly their fee structure makes them available to only "select few" - and even that poses a pertinent question that they are also in "business" and not in teaching profession.)

God save our children in this country!

Hi, Im planning to put my son in New Horizon Gurukul. Am quite impressed with the infrastructure and curriculum. Pls provide me the feedback which will help me in deciding to go for it or not..

I visited New Horizon Gurukul for my kid's admission into LKG for 2013-14.

Tution fee - 63,500
Admission Fee (One time) - 35900
Development fee (One time) - 35900


I heard some complaints abt NHG for the last 2 yrs.. It could be even their teething problems. Just want to know how the school is performing this yr . As 2 months hv passed in this academic yr, I think the parents can help me in giving information abt the school which will help us to put out kid in the next yr,..

!. Transport was the main issue till the last yr. Has it improved?

2. How is the quality of education this yr?Are there too many homeworks and project works?

3. How are the teachers and their way of teaching?

4. Any other specific problems faced?

5. How r the classes in higher grades -6 and above.


We had a very awkward experience last week from the staffs of New Horizon Gurukul School. we took leave and went to the school with great expectation of taking admission for our 2.6 year daughter for nursery.The receptionist behaved with a rude behaviour and was relectant to explain the fees structutre.SHE ASKED US TO BUY THE PROSPECTUS FOR RS 400 which we were ready to buy.And she said her role ends there. Even after repeated enquiry about the working of school, curicullum and the fee structure the lady spoke in a dismannwered way and asked us to call JYOTHIKA, the admission in charge.
We wanted to meet Jyotika, but we were told she was having her lunch.we told the receptionist that we will come back and enquire abt admission after 1 hour. But we came back to the school for no use. the admission in charge MADAM Jothikaaaa...did not show up BUT a message came to us saying...... BRING YOUR CHILD FOR INTERVIEW.IF SHE QUALIFIES WE WILL GET BACK TO YOU AND EXPLAIN ABOUT THE FEE STRUCTURE....Jyothika did not even take pain to walk till the reception and talk to the patiently waiting parents.we as parents did not expect such rude behaviour from the staff of such reputed school.Hell behaviour.....from concerned people....

I had the same experience when i visited new horizon on sep 7, 2013. When we asked the receptionist about the admission process she just told us admission will start some where in the month of Oct and at that time we have to visit the school and talk to the admission officer and then they will take us to the campus tour and later they will explain about the fees structure ( may be by that time they will come to know the CTC of the parents ) And on the same day i also visited Geetanjali Olympiad school and the receptionist very clearly explained about all the details including the fee structure and she also showed the class rooms

Date May 2012

I visited New Horizon Gurukul last week.
Has discussion with JYOTHIKA, the admission in charge. She said only some limited seats are available today and we are closing admission by Today. we won't be accepting any new admission form after that. I inquired her about the School fees for which she said it's 66k as tuition fees.Then i asked about the admission fees. she said that principal will let you know. I told then i will like to speak to principal for which she replied i can only meet her after i fill the admission form(Admission form cost 400/- INR )
Then i requested once again for the admission fees for which she said we can't tell you , it's only the principal who decides. So finally i bought the admission form for 400 Rupees. Filled the admission form(Where annual income of both parents needs to be filled) and handed over to Jyothika. Then she asked me to wait outside till the time principal calls you.After some time Jyothika (same lady) calls me and said she had a discussion with the principal over phone.Then she Told me the fees;
1) Development fees : seventy five thousand (75,000/- INR , 75k)
2) Admission fees : Fourty Five Thousand (45,000/- INR , 45k)
3) Tuition fees : Sixty six thousand and two hundred (66,200/- INR, 66.2 K)

It was a shock to me at very first moment itself. I realized that i was been Fooled to pay 400 Rupees.
Then i asked that lady that i will like to speak to Principal for which she answered she is not available in school (some 15 minutes back she said she is in school only). Then i said i want to discuss regarding the development fees as , this is crossing my budget . For which she said, It's you call if you want admission you only decide on to this..
For me it was like...what can be done now. I wasted my half day there. (As a working professional took half day leave when thay said you need to fill the form followed by which a discussion with principle will happen)
Paid 400 Rupees for the Admission form (That's totally waste, if she would have told me the fees earlier only , i would not have filed up the admission form only) All religious studies is been handed over to Iskcon . Iskcon guys please teach them some thing to this lady and principle also.

Interesting facts, how she(Jyothika) was marketing for the school
1) we have engineering college of our own. And pass-out of this colleges teaches in this school.
Sounds interesting this is the future of the students who study in this Engineering College............. So this is campus placement for those students.
This were the words of that Lady Jyothika.

Not sure how they teach the students ....But this is the first impression i got. They have good infrastructure , which they have and are still building by development fees

Instead of paying 75K for Building , i will prefer investing this amount for future of my kid. already they are charging more they one Lakh (1,11,000 Inr) so for what else they need for development.

So , Keep in Tune................
Add more and more reviews so that this schools don't Cheat like this.

Looks like these peoples are running risk free biz (since they get everything in the begining) in the name of eduction.
In my opinion some of us made these peoples to grow by honouring what ever these peoples told.
Till now I was in the impression that this is very good school just by listening to one of my neighbor who has sacked his child from other school and put here and claiming this is amazing school.
We are just paying the huge money without knowing the future and making these peoples to enjoy without any effort.

Yes, I know every where these front office ladies (they behave as if they are running the school) behave without manners. The reason being is they came with non-class background. And the school mgmt is not bothered to hire class peoples paying good salary. Definitely these front office peoples are labour class.

I completely agree with shibilee.. Even i had the same rude experience with jyothika..

Dear prospective parents and parents of gurukul New Horizon. I just want you to be careful before you think of this school. I have a 2 and half year old daughter and I want her to go to school safe. This is not just another post written out of frustration like I find over the internet. This is about kids safety. On 8 Feb 2012 I was hit by one of the school buses due to reckless driving. As you all know volvo buses and BMTC buses are little reckless on the road but this school bus driver was driving like a drunk truck driver on a highway with kids below 3 years on board. He merged onto outer ring road with high speed from marathalli bridge and I was standing atleat 300 meters away and still he managed to hit me. Near marathalli bridge there is a big sign board saying Accident prone zone go slow which I believe most of the drivers obey(barring those drunk tempo drivers).

I have insurance covered and its just a car it can be repaired but what if this guy hits some truck or any other vechile? What would happen to the kids inside. Can you imagine your kid getting killed on injured while going in school bus? That too you are paying huge amounts for these schools and you might have been paying over your neck to give best education to your kid. This though moved me and my wife a lot. Though we had really busy schedule at work and our kid does not even go to this school we still chased down this guy and asked what is this. He didnt say anything but laughing at us. There was a caretaker and she was giggling for asking him why you going so fast and why you not concerned about kids safety.
We thought its waste, these guys dont care about kids life so we called the admin. She was nice and sweet and told us she will take some action. We thought ok atleast we did something for those little kids safety. Now on 10 Feb 2012 my eyes caught up a speeding school bus. It was same guy and this time he was talking over cell phone while driving fast. Unless parents react I believe there wont be any action taken on these idiots. Hope some parent reads this. If you are a prospective parent ask for safety and dont blindly believe them but look at any school driver on road to confirm. I have taken pictures of the bus driver and bus.

Dear Parents,

Thank you one and all for posting your views on Schools. These comments really help us to take right decision in terms of our children's future.


i visited this school, met the admin lady name jyotika. she sends my kid for interaction and gets the feedback as average and her face expression when she said this was quite aweful, as if a matured person will do such behaviour.
i was also not allowed to attend my mobile phone while discussing .. where as she was attending calls on mobile regularly.. as if she is doing a favour for me. this attitude of her should not be appreciated by me.

i have taken the campus visit, everything looks neat and clean. about fees she said around 150 000 i have to pay out as admission, one time fees kind of things and 60k annually. which i feel criminally expensive. some feel there is no option so we can join. but how can they ask for 75 k without any receipt. she said they will not give any receipt for 75 K and for the other amounts she will provide a receipt. such big institutions doing all wrong process is not acceptable. please read my comments and get the info about this school.

Hai All,

I am new to this group and I am trying for my child in Gurukul for class 5this yr. But now after reading so many reviews in this group, I am confused whether I should put my child here,. My concerns are the following...

1. Transport...

2. Donation to be paid in the beginning

3. Too much homeworks and heavy school bags

4. Quality of education

5. Teachers are inexperienced for higher grades

6. Long working hrs

7. Unorganised way in maintaining notebooks

8. High fee hike every yr..

9. Many projects(mostly to be done by parents)

I would like to get the feedback reg the above issues from the parents. I have to take a call after getting the reviews from ur side. Is it worth to pay so much hefty sum to this school? Expecting an immediate reply from the parents. Thanx in advance...

Let me post my very experience at New Horizon Gurukool for my kids admission for 2010-11 batch, they asked me for 1 Lakh donation with out official receipt for management quota seat, this is in addition to already high fees they are charging...Please beware of this school. This is a real feedback from a real parent..when i was at the school, even i counted the # desks for kids, they were more than 30+ desks and even i got it confirmed one of maid maintaining that class room, but the school always claims it less than 24 people for each class. Just don,t go with the infrastructure of the school. They have all aritificial grass planted around the glass rooms...which look so green and minting money on Gurukal name ? can we create a Gurukul from Concrete Jungle ?

This is a very money minded school. Today i went to enquire about the admission for my kid. Astonished by the callous , rude behaviour of the receptionist asking me to pay 400 bucks for just knowing the fees. I thought if these people are asking money for just talking, what would happen in the coming days. The school is also not that much big shot in academics as is advertised. Management is too money minded. This is not a school but just a place to mint out money from IT professionals who feel proud after paying 1 lakh of donation that their children are studying in best school.

Yes.. i agree 100% with nitin,we also had same experience,the receptionalist was very much irritated when we enquire about the fees,she said she cannot tell those details,unless we buy application.

Very money minded fellows..very Rude Behaviour..

Seems interesting...all the reviews match with what I experience recently.

Very Grand campus, swimming pool, Good playground
Middle class oriented school
Very accomodating and receptive, smiling teachers. Met many Mallu teachers.
Looks like more Values are core of the school
They have both CBSE & State (8th std onwards)
They have Montesorri mode as well as traditional nursery
No donation and published clear fee structure.
They had an assessment of 2.5 child to Montessori, which I was very scared,
I had not prepared my child to answer even his name or any colors or vegetables.
In the assessment, they patiently spoke to the child, checked his Hand eye coordination, response to anything said, learning skills by asking to repeat certain actions.
Quite impressed with VVS.

Felt like entering a hotel lobby, which was good.
The support staff were very good. and head mistress was also very specific in the interaction session, asking why NHG, Family background, Education background etc.
Till then everything was fine.
But when it came to Fees, I felt like we were in a marketing room, trying to sell.
Did not like the attitude/tone/Body language of the person who was speaking to us.
Felt more of that we are in need and they are in deed.

The place felt more of upper Middle class and above.
I have not seen the campus. I have not heard of any bad reviews on education and values they part. But deep down, is says that this place many not be for my child.

My view on their Fee strategy
1) Fees is based on Salary of parents (they can change at that instant the Fees based on what the parents salaries are)
2) You got two days to fill the fees after the fee structure is provided orally and special mention of limited seats being available and high demand in place.
3) Also special mention of education inflation of atleast 10% every year.

I am fully agree on the review of VVS. My two kids are studying there. 2nd std and LKG. Proud to say that my kids are getting decent education here. My son(LKG) even chants Slokas.

Agree cent percent on comparision.
Only time will prove how worst it can get with the schools treating parents at Management's mercy.
Many more Anna Hazare's are taking birth- thanks to schools and their attitude.

Dear Parents,

Past few weeks I was trying to look for school admision for IV std in and around outerring road. I went to few schools (Presidency, Vagdevi,New Horizon, DPS, Sri Chaithanya).
Presidency charges - aprox.1.2 L at time of admission and every year 80k.
VVS - 45 k
Sri Chaithannia. 55k
dps 1 lks for initial and every year 35k
And Finally New Horizon place ambience looks like star hotel clean and posh. I had to wait to meet admission officer and got the application form and date for entrance exam. so many times I asked them about the fee structure many but in vain. They told after the entrance we can disclose fee and insisted for at least aprox . is 60k +/- 10 k was the answer. This was a expected nominal fee charges for any good school. After the test we met principle for personal discussion and then told the results will be announced in a day or two. The same day I got call stating my kid is selected there is no fee structure told this time as well they told that will be discussed with director in person I don’t know what is the secret about disclosing this. I even told the same to them. I went the next day to meet director there is no one as such the same admission officer told me the fee structure.
62900 – first Installment
Break up 40k as Development fund, Admission fee.
22900 as Tuition fee
18000 X 2 (Payable at Aug. and Jan)
Transport for 10km 14000.
From the second year onwards 22900 + 18k *2 .
This is a true cheating and nightmare after hearing this. think about higher education we may have to write to them our wealth .

Parents beware: The New Horizon Gurukul is in business now.
they started charging 75000 t 1lack donation for a UKG now.
The total fee for the first year is coming to 1.9 lacks for a UKG.

Just met the school folks yesterday for admission to class 1 for my kid. Everything was good and then the fees - Verbally told to the parents to be written down by us on a white slip. 1.1L for tuition and admission fees and the last bomb was INR 75k all in cash without receipt. Is that even legal? I would rather home-school my kid than send to a school that starts like this!

Just to add to what Aravind has posted about "Sneha", different parents were asked to meet "Kavita"... could be the same lady operating under different names!!

Well - whats in a name? The management has been changing names... eventually all are the same..

Donation - 1 Lakh (This should be paid in Cash)
Donation/Fees-1.23 Lakhs
Total for LKG is 2.23 Lakhs
Then she told 1.89 Lakhs can be paid by tommorrow and remaining in installments.
This is for a school just started last year!

Without a single manipulation, i am sharing my experience here......

NHG: fee structure is completely hidden

I have asked the fee structure, while purchasing application form, In the reception, they said.. It is secret...:-) .... Its true.

After a month we have attended the interview also...did not get anything abt the fee.
One of a parent is keeping a slip, in which they have mentioned as, for merit seat 1 lakh and management seat 2 lakhs apart from all other fees...sorry don't know other fees.

Parents like me, please beware of this school, don't waste your time and money.

VVS: For the same question....answer is... It is there in the notice board with clear breakup. Still there any donation apart from this? sir.

This school NHG is a cheat.They hike donation by 30K every year.
They still dont have any affiliation.
Beware of their fees and donation

Dear Parents,

I want to share my experiance, When I joined my kid in this school I thought of having so much experience in academics this New Horizon Gurukul will be another excellent school.

But it turned out to be compelte opposite & management is worst. Take any segment, transportaion, school books, uniform, Principal, teacher, school timings every thing is worst & if I ask principal he says those are management mistakes what I can do for this ? I saw couple of female parents leaving his room with tears.

Requesting pl do check your kid multiple times before joining in this school.

- Parent

I do not know why people are making mesh of everything,
school timing for std. 1 onwards almost 7 hrs for 90% of school, here it may be 7hrs 10 min. what is the wrong in that
we as a parents should Cooperate with the schools, should not like goes on blaming


Annual Fees are 47880 and not 80k.... as emntioned here.
A onetime payment todards Admission Fees and Development Fees is 20k and 20k each...

It is 80K only. Thats what I paid 60K first installment and 10K+10K to be paid later.

Hello Parents,

Can one throw light on what is an overall good choice between New Horizon Gurukul and Vagdevi Vilas.

NHG charge hefty donataion and so they are bound to have so called POSH infra. But schooling is not about spending time is highly maintened building , especially considering large part of India and Indian infrastructure.

KIndly share your thoughts. I find below similarities.

Both NHG and VVS students will be reciting Bhagbad Gita within few months of joining the school( the first attraction point for us)

Now sure about NHG, but VVS has a beautiful well maintained swimming pool where even small KG students are indulging and having fun. I was in love with the scene.

Classrooms are spacious/well themed and attractive for montessori/KGs.

Right from receptionist to Admin staff at VVS, they wore smile and did not get irritated by repeated questions asked by parents. Yet to encounter NHG.We did not have a Xerox of Birth certificate and could get it done in the school premises.

Both folllow CBSE. NHG is approved, NHG is yet to get affiliated(as per their website)

Fees for both school for further years will vary may be by 10-15 %. Howeve, no donation at VVS.

VVS infra is better than the best known schools like NPS, Sishu Griha, NHPS. Parents feedback for VVS- Teachers are very Humble and they impart Value. But just dont anything Fancy or Posh in this school.

What will be your choice if you have to choose one? Kindly suggest.


As you stated, both the schools have plus points and minus points.
My 2 paisas:
Most of the points you mentioned above, plus, have heard that teachers interact very well with parents esp at Pre-primary levels.

- Vagdevi still follows the traditional methods of teaching esp in the Kinder garten level.
- Homework is high, even for LKG/Mont level.
- Spoken english of children in the campus is not very good. This can be resolved if the management is keen on resolving it.
- 35 kids per class, 2 teachers. This is a bit on the higher side.

- Have heard that the NH management provides periodic trainings to teachers.
- The NH brand is pretty well known.
- Have heard that teachers are good for pre-primary. No rote learning. Less homework.

- Big time money suckers. Admission charges vary and are not transparent.
- Some issues in the papers recently related to a child being harressed by teacher.
- Initial teething issues related to transport etc.


I guess, all schools have some plus and some minus. What works for you, may not work for another person. So pick up the one that matches most of your requirements.

All the best! :-)

i hv 2 kids in the ist and secnd i am not happy at all with the primary teachers, they do not kno how to teach and as well has do not have a rapprt with the kids its like they are working only for the salary. that shows in the fact tat kids do not want to go to school and are not happy with with the teachers the dedication is definetely not there,when we are paying so much of money they shud deliver good stuff i am thinking of moving my kids to another school soon. my brothers daughter studies in the same school in the pre primary and that is very good but i have advised him to move her out whren she finishes ukg

Any one please give me clear picture in my case, as my child is studying in VVS in std.2, I am planning to switch over to GNH,please suggest me. It would be great if please provide me your conact no. through SMS in this no. 9379068690.


never even admit in NHG, they are so unorganized, everyone of us fell for the name and put our kids, such horrible management, arrogant replies, teacher parent communication is bad, student teacher ratio is bad, maintenance of students books in the school is so unorganized.. PTM is twice in a yr. Teachers are unable to manage the strength of the class and to save their jobs, they blame kids.


This year is the first year for my son in NHG after my bitter experiences in VVS.
Teachers are very excellent i can say. They are very caring and concerned about each child , individual attention is been paid.Regular worksheets ,class test and Project based teaching makes the studies intresting.

There is a balance between studies and other extra curicular activities.After from that the values classes based on life skill has made significant difference in my son behaviour.

I think NHG is the best option.

Hi Sushma,
You mean you shifted your child from Vagdevi?
May I know which class is he studying in NHG now?
Will be really great if you share your email/contact no. Wee we have wish to talk since we have almost decided to put my child in Vagdevi.

beware parents.. NHG is aggresively putting fake reviews in various forums i.e zeeksha, parentree to justify double fees which they have done in this year.
Post by shinny ( with name sushma) is one of them at zeeksha.

I wonder what would they teach to child when they themselves have no ethics ...

prove your selves by your deed, parents are not that fool to observe all this .....

Hi Mr Jain,
Any particular reason you are looking for switch? as per my study, NHG and Vagdevi have equal culture expect that you will find NHG teachers wearing better Qaulity clothes.
and campus will be maintained like Star resorts. However in recent times there were very bad reviews on NHG. And it definitely have been beyond tolerance, else times group will not risk it considering the size of NH institution.
Please share your thots since we are looking at Vagdevi as our first few options

Hi SG and Mr.Jain,

For my kids(LKG) admission, i am also confused between VVS and Gurukul. Infrastucturewise, both are good. But I found ppl in VVS with more traditional culture so I am afraid if my kids will get a proper atmosphere to speak in English. About NHG, I am getting mixed reviews but somehow I feel it would be good school for my kids. Still have to decide.
Kindly suggest.

Hi Manju,
I am in same boat as yours however our inclination is towards VVS.
1. Very postitive feedback from present parents
2 .VVS has mixed crowd. About english speaking, it is in all schools including few very well known schools in Bangalore. If you speak to head mistress of one of the best school in Indiranagar, you will feel you are talking to a lady Bus conductor. (Style).
So that is not a judging point for me.
3. NHG transport problems are endless and it has gained its reputation as a money minting school.

However, when we have interaction with the school in person, that will be the deciding moment. I have interaction scheduled on 20th Nov for VVS. Any other parents scheduled on the same days?


Hi SG / Manju,
As your Posts are from 2010, i wanted to know what decision u had your kids doing in there scholls now, and which school is good.....?

I want to admit my child in LKG, nearby school to my home.
I want to prefer NHG as it is hardly 500MT from my home.

So please sugest.

Hi parent,
MY experience is totally different like the behaviour of the teachers with the students is very rude and they brand the children like slow learner ,dumb etc.
the transport is worst . ifound no proper communication between parents and teachers.
ONly campus and infrastructure does not play in childs future.

Hi SG,

My kid also got interviewed in VVS and Gurukul on the same day (20th Nov) and he got selected for both schools. I am confused now. Please help to choose the best option.


Hi SG,

Could you please tell what all questions they asked your child during the interaction session for LKG class..? We have got our time slot for interaction on 27th Nov 2010.


Dear BK,
We had interaction in Vagdevi, not NHG, for mont 1.
My detailed review on interaction is here-

NHG is scheduled end of this months.

But for LKG- I think they ask more or less same like- Puzzles, your name, Parents name, What you like to play, sing rhymes, and finally draw small pictures or alphabets if child knows. They might give just colors and let the children use free handedly and observe.
Hope it helps.
Best of luck for your interaction.

Hi BK,
I prefer Vagdevi for many reasons-

Interactions with children and parents are not even asked a single question. Hats Off..cos education is not something that an institute should choose whom to give, based on the parents background. Schools have social and a bigger national responsibility for education all small ones coming to them irrespective of their parents background/. And moreever, parents wont apply if they will not afford to put their wards in particular schools, so why try judging parents?
There were kids who were accompanied by only mom, father being out of country and few with grandparents too. Lovely scene!

Only Rs 5000/- as admission fees. No donation under the tags of DEVELOPMENT FEES and bla bla
Everything is very very transparent. No cash transaction without any receipts.

Teachers were very nice to children and whole process was managed well in time inspite of school hours in progress and huge number of parents walking in. We could spot the Principal in corridor and she spoke nicely and was prompt in her response. Down to earth. SO as of now, Vagdevi seems everything that we desire in a School. We do not want to put our child in 5 star like premises under the name School;it was a great mentality shift for us after visiting Vagdevi.


Hi Sg,
My son has interaction on 20th Nov in VVS for LKG. Which class is ur kid going to? It would be of great help if u can share the feedback abt the school.. I am very confused between VVS and NHG.


My child will be going to mont 1 at Vagdevi.
I yet did not have interaction with NHG. However I have decided that Vagdevi is better option.
I went through the counseling session at Vagdevi and we were suggested to put our child in ANY school having montessori stream.
Keep in touch with me if your kiddos are going to be at Vagdevi.

Hi SG,
Is your kid now studying in VVS ?
How is the school ?
We are in a dilemma to select b/w VVS & NHPS .
We can save an year if we choose VVS .


Dear All,
My son is studying in Vagdevi Vilas for past 4 years . They are no focus on education . At VVS English teaching is very poor . The teaching methods are like any small town school pattern. No project is done at school. All the project are given at home work. There is developement at School. Since there is no CBSE school in this region , we have no option . I am looking for a change. Please suggest good CBSE school . I am planning to shift my son in NHG.