Silver Oaks

Bachupally, Miyapur-Medchal Highway , Hyderabad
+(91)-(40)-2304 7777, 2304 8888, 2304 7788 |

Board: CBSE

Silver Oaks was founded in 2002 as a school affiliated to the AP state board. After the school was taken over by a new management in 2005, the school subsequent aligned itself with the CBSE curriculum. The school has also secured IB accredition.

Silveroaks offers admission from Pre-primary till the 10th Grade. More details about the admission procedure can be found here -

There is a lot more about it here: - if you are interested in knowing more about the school.

While the school takes pride in relying on word of mouth and the model students for spreading the word, it can definitely use a much better website. While the website does offer information, it leaves a lot to be desired.


Sports Clubs - Swimming, Skating, Karate, Tennis, Basketball, Cricket, Yoga,

Hobby Clubs - English music, Cookery, Arts and crafts, Creative dance.

Study Clubs - Newton's club, Reader's club, Young Ramanujam's club, Bill Gate's club.

Other activities - Team Sports, Painting, Night camps, Aerobics, Educational trips, Adventure camps, Excursions, and Treks.



As of now, I happen to b a student of Silver Oaks (studying in 8th grade ). Let me tell & explain to u y it makes me think dat my school is one of the best schools. Firstly, its the soul reason of the DNA of r school which makes us believe in "character first & competence next" . Secondly, v have implemented many things like attitudes , attributes and d IB PYP methodology in d junior school. This makes the pupils from the age level of 3 yrs - 11 yrs (pre-primary , primary and junior wing )get a strong grip with their behavior and competence . Thirdly , after d students from grade 6 graduate to grade 7 - to the leadership block (the senior school) they are then not left to mid air but are inspired in following d steps of becoming a gud & better social person by following d 7 habits .
Fourth : it makes me believe in my , myself and d others around me.
Fifth : I'm assuring dis 2 all of those who r reading dis comment , dat any of the team members wouldn't get carried away by the comments which i consider as rubbish about r school.
y dont u find another school who is likely to take d blame?
believe me .
your child wouldn't experience a better place to not only study but also to experience wid life.

i was reading reviews as i am looking out for a school for my kid.
shocked to read about 1 yr advance for transportation..and i must say english skills(asmreflected in the comments here) are definetely below par...i think i would stay away from a place which is so commercialised..thks for sharing your exp

Most of the comments were posted by our 4th and 5th graders, so as an adult you really can't expect them to be Shakespeare ( Infact he too had imperfections while learning ). I am sure that you will probably put your child in the Worst English speaking school ( Naah Naah , It was reflected in your comment ). All I wanna say is that you can't pick green Mangoes and expect it not to be ripe...
P.S - My spell check just red-lined ur whole comment and u say u assessed English skills of our juniors? Well my bro atleast knows the spelling of 'definitely' . So, No Double standards...

I happen to be an ex-student of Silver Oaks and the previous comments I've seen are nothing but lies. We absolutely do not lack skills in either verbal or written English. Students at Silver Oaks are proficient both at verbal and written English. Our school doesn't need to prove that to accusing nobodies. And why would the teachers themselves be absent during pre-exam revision time? Please, do post authentic comments and if you think you would get anything out of criticizing such a great school, you are sadly mistaken. If it's jealousy that's your problem, I totally understand.

Seems like 9 grade students of silver oaks were given assignment to write an essay on my school.Selected essays has been posted here :)
By seeing the poor standard of English I can make out what a pathetic school Silver oaks is.9th Grade students cant write a proper english sentence!!!
.God save silver oak students :)

My school is one of the best ones.I, Abhinava , am a student of this school (8th grade) and have come in the top ten ranks in the whole country in the ASSET exam last year. Have you ?

gr8 job 2 repreent sumthng gud about r school!

Hi I'm not a student of this school but . by a girl SRAVANI SAGI i came to know about this school . what a school this is ha teachers wont be there while exams aaa . and more ulcer one laka fee aaa . what the ordinary people should do when you keep that much ha . and people joined in your school will become so sensitive and useless . Che worse school . my life was spoiled because of this school only

were u an ex-student or not?
1st u tell u r not a student & then u tell it spioled ur life
how is dat possible?

I do not know which school you are from but , by looking at your english , I can ,SAFELY , say that my school is better than yours.

Hi, Iam Nyruthy of grade 9.There are many reasons for what i love my school so much! The main reason is.... This school has got many students into the right path of life.It taught a good lesson to those who think that whatever they do is right! Many students who changed, actually know what it is! Trust me!..Our school is the best...FOREVER AND EVER!!

i like this school

very good school ,faculty is very nice

I am sreedeep reddy
grade IX
I find the school great.
there are lots of activities.
our teachers and the sports faculty are good
all my classmates and me love the school.
we're been taught many great principles
we're having NCC(national cadet corps)
and we're having sports camps..

I am Samskruthy studying in silver oaks.I feel it is the best school I had ever learnt is.It has many activities & our principal also follows DR.STEPHEN COVEY habits.Our school also follows I.B. methodology.Here all the teachers have a very friendly nature & they mingle very easily with everyone in the school.The school has 8 sections in each grade.From Pre-primary to 11th grade,everyone is happy in the school.

I am mohana priya of grade 9 . I am proud to be in a school like this . I as a student feel this is the best school because the DNA of our school is "character first and competence next ". Our school follows the IB methodology .Our principal Mrs. Seetha Murthy is so friendly , where we can share each and every problem with her .Our teachers are so friendly ,they teach us in such a way that we understand each and everything in a strategical way.Our school follows the proverb "all studies and no games makes Jack a dull boy ". Our school equally distributes the 6 hrs between studies and physical fitness. Our school motivates us through annual opera's and other social -awareness programs which include the topics like "timeless legacies,Find your voice, Me and My country ' and other programs.............
I think that in other school s annual opera's are just for entertaining us. But we include the main motivations of the topics that we choose to perform.

These are the only sources that make me feel proud about my school...................

its is the i best school i ever seen i am vamsi of 4 class [discounited] i am proud to say i study in these school our principal Mrs Seeetha Murthy is so friendly to us i hatofs for this school i miss a lot my teachers,friends ,principal and everyone

Gr8 to hear ' character first and competence next'. Hope all the schools and parents believe in that. Then we will have a better world to stay.

I took admission for 2011-12 for my kid and withdrew it after having a very humiliating experience.They wanted all fee including the transportation fee for next academic year which starts in July to be paid in January it self.After paying 50K fees on Jan 20 th, the admin person (I remember as Srinivasrao) said he can't guarantee my kid's seat if the remaining fee is not paid before end of Jan.(with in 10 days).When I took it to the notice of the director Dhananjaya , he too responded the same way when I asked why should I pay next year transportation fee in January itself.They don't like any one questioning them. My friend asked the director why is he charging donation when the school is already well established. And his daughter is not given seat though she got Excellent(E+) grade in entrance test.How ever good the school is, definitely not the way to behave with parents. they treat parents just like ATM's.

thks for sharing ...helped me to rule out this option for my kid

Today 29th step 2015. Yes, just now I called this school to know about admission process. Some lady talked to me. I don't know who she is and her designation there; she is SO RUDE. You said in your website "our culture is to speak softly and pleasantly" you don't have that soft manners lady, and i don't think you smile at all( as it was written " smile always"), plz practice smiling, better for you. I don't think my kids should study in this school with people like her. I asked her name she didn't reply. Is this your confidence. Your head is defenitely high. Keep it up.
Thank you for showing me what ur school is with your little talk.

I appreciate ZEEKSHA for bringing the feed back of the parents.

I am one of the parents of the Silver Oaks school. I feel silver oaks is the lowest fee (50K per annum) charged IB School in hyderabad and one of the best schools. Further it is the common practice for all the schools in south to collect the fee in advance as I have paid in Chennai and also on transfer to Hyderabad In fact my kid is also allotted seat number in the bus which is a new feature.
. The gratings given by the school are A+, A and so on as per my sons progress report.

I do agree with you, Ajay. My daughter was there in Silver oaks for 4 years and I found it to be the best school. The fee as you said is kind of very common and minimum compared to all the other schools and to be frank enough, only one term fees are charged in advance and not one year. We just took her out from the school due to relocation and I would definitely prefer this school if I am back to Hyd. I feel strange to here such comments about this school. I would also like to know if the ppl who commented -ve found any better school. Even I can look into those options as it would be every mother's preference to give their child a better education.