Sri Kumaran Children's Home

Tata Silk Farm, Basavanagudi, Bangalore
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Board: CBSE

Founded in 1959, Kumaran's is one of the reputed schools in south Bangalore. Sri Kumaran Children's Home is one of the unique schools that offers the state (SSLC), ICSE, and the CBSE curriculum.

The school has a new campus off Kanakapura main road (Survey 44-48, Mallasandra Village, Uttarahalli Hobli) houses the CBSE and ICSE classes.

  • ICSE: Phone: 080-65839368 / 79, 65362211, 9980922076 Email:
  • CBSE: Phone: 80- 65839365/66/67   Email:
  • State Board: Phone: 080-26763381  Email: and is offered in the new campus at 28/4, House List No 140, Doddakallasandra, Uttarahalli Hobli, Kanakapura Rd. as well as the old campus at Tata Silk Farm
  • Nursery school: Phone: 080-26760478, Email: and is located at The Tata Silk Farm, Basavangudi

For admissions for the year 2010, the school had a nicely streamlined process and allowed for the application forms to be filled up online. Wish more schools in Bangalore enable such a service and reduce the hassle on parents.

More information about the CBSE school can be obtained here:

Fee Structure

About Rs. 51K per annum

School Timing

Clases I to III: 8.00 AM till 1.30 PM

Classes 4 till 12: 8.00 AM till 2.30 PM



please give details regarding admission forms for cbse board for grade1(2013-2014)


When is the admission starting for LKG


Hi All,
Does anybody know if NPS have started giving application for coming year [2013-2014] ?


i want admission of my kids for pre-nursery & above nursery please guide me.
thank you

When Kumarans will open shortlistd students for nursery for 2013-14. Anybody got a call. Please let me know.

Does any of you have any update on Kumaran's nursery admissions for non-siblings. I came to know that they have completed F2F interviews with the sibling quota kids. The status on the pupilpod website still remains in the "submitted" state.

My son got admission to pre-KG for June'2012. It was a great experience, INR 65K per annum. And what more, the entire amount should be paid by demand draft. Most other schools that my son got admission wanted 20K-50K in cash (without receipt). Wonder what morals they are setting for the kids.

Very simple process. I think we will go with Kumarans!

Please let me know how v can prepare the child for the interview? Please share ur interview experiance with us.

HI Raj

I want to get admission in kumarans for the session 2013-14. Regarding to it i have little query about the admission process.

Can you please share your contact number or email id with me,,so that i can connect with you.

It would be really a great help.


Hi Raj,

Nice to hear that ur kid got admission for Prekg in 2012 June.

I am lokking for admission for my kid for accdemic year 2013-2014 pre kg.

Can you pls send me the details when they will distribute application form and procedure to my maild.

Hi, I see that you are looking for admission for your little one for 2013-2014. I am also in the same boat. Request if you could share inputs you have received for Kumarans, DPS, and other schools in the area.
My email id:

Please let me know also since i am also looking for pre kg admission for my kid in 2013 -2014.
My email ID:

Please share the pre-kg admission details for 2013-2014 , to my maild id :

like when they start admission process and other details.


Hi Raj,
65K the one time fee we are required to pay in Dec, is that all we are required to pay for pre-kg (first year @ school)? or is it that we would be asked to pay regular fee when the school begins?

Hi Raj,

Can you please help me out in understanding the process kumaran followed for Pre-KG admission, because when i checked with them they said they will call the selected children (sibling's not studying in Kumaran's) by 15th Nov'11. Is it so........


I really don't understand how application is selected for written test. At first they have failed to announce the list on Dec 5th. Over that don't have any logic to select a child for written test. As per my experience they are not behind selecting a good student , they are behind money.. By looking at the school management and application selection committee's mentality i don't think a child will get exposure to grow as good human being there in Kumarans...

Sri Kumarans Children Home doesn't have the practice of written tests or child/parent interview. i really don't know on what basis the selection process is done. u would have called Kumarans school in the 1st week of Oct or last week of Sept. they would have guided u.

heard that kumarans don't run school for money. if so, the fee structure would have been much more compared to other schools. definitely kumarans is one among the best schools in b'lore to hold upon the culture. kumarites r well behaved and exposed to traditional way to lead life. kumarites r even exposed to organic farming, etc.,. pls don't think otherwise abt the school, just because ur child was not called for an interview.


Have any of you with a kid less than 3 yrs by june 1st 2010 got a call from kumarans? I didnt get a call. Just want to know if that is the reason as kid will be only 2 yrs and 11 months.

I too applied for Kumarans but haven't received any call yet. Am not sure if the criteria for not selecting is the fact that my kid will only be 2 year 10 months by June 2010. Please do let me know if any parent has got a call whose child would be below 3 years by June 2010.

Even I have dropped the admission form in Sri Kumarans in JP Nagar. But to my mere surprise I don't know what what reason my child was not selected. Pretty sad. When I checked thru some resources came to know that the parents need to contact the management and show interest to enroll their kids with a substantial amount of 1- 1.5L... Any lost is lost.

i really don't know on what basis the selection process is done. u would have called Kumarans school in the 1st week of Oct or last week of Sept. they would have guided u. heard that kumarans don't run school for money. if so, the fee structure would have been much more compared to other schools.

Last year my kid was 2yrs 10 months and was not called for interview.
This year he was 3yrs 10 months and again they did not give a call.
Is there an upper age limit as well. Looks like kids born in certain months are at a great disadvantage for no fault of theirs...

Can some one who got a call , let us know the age of their kids..

Did any one attended the interview today for the Pre-KG admission?

in the interview. Also let me know if you kid is is exactly 3 years as of june 2010? My kid will be 3 yrs 5 months next year and wondering if they will ask any question related to the age in the interview.

yes. i did yesterday. it was ok

hi vinaya, can you please some detail of the interview process, (e.g, what questions were asked). we have been called for interview on 26 , kindly let us know before that.

awaiting your reply


Hi Hari,

I assume you had the interview in Kumaran's on 26th. May I know what is the intention of this interview and also what did they ask/say? We have the interview scheduled today at 2pm.

Thanks in advance
best regards

could you please share your kids age and where do you stay?

As per the info, today (oct 15) is the last day for the Sri Kumaran Nursery to intimate the parents whose kids have been selected for the nursery for the year 2010-11. Did anyone get a call?

I heard that last week they had called only for those kids who already have their sibblings in the school. I called them today to check out if they are still in process of calling to which they said they are done with the admissions!! If anyone knows any different then please let us know.

Where did you get the deadline date of oct'15? At least last year, they gave a call for interview in nov and put up the selected candidates only in dec. This I thought was kumarns usual schedule...

I called kumarans and they confirmed that all the shortlisted kid's parents have been informed and the admission is closed.

It was written in the board in the premises where forms were dropped

What is the student to teacher ratio in this school for the 1st Grade?

It would be very nice if all the school profiles on this web site include some information on this. Thanks much.

There are about 30 - 40 kids in a class. In the lower grades the student teacher ration is approximately 1:15, if I'm not mistaken.

I hope you do know however that the school has shifted campus to Mallasandra, and is quite far.

Hope that helps :)

i'm not sure about the strength above 1st standard. but for sure, i can tell u the present strength of Pre-KG, L.K.G & U.K.G.... there are around 5sections, each class strength varies........between 40 to 50kids in a class with 2 teachers handling each section.

Heard some rumours that in kumaran's, donation fees needs to be paid twice, once during nursery admission & once your kin moves to primary standards.

But we are not sure about the same, in case any one is aware of this please let me know. We are also planning to opt for kumaran's school.

Hi..currently i am in US and planning to come to bangalore by the end of sep 2009 and i am thinking to put my daughter in kumarans and i have list of questions and it will be of great help if you can answer..

1.My daughter will be 3 years 8 months by june 2010 will she be eligible for L.K.G. because usally i heard parents saying 3 years 10 mon..
2.Even we are thinking to settle in jayanagar 9th block so how far is distance to this school and will the L.K.G kids capable to travel.
3.Does the school have bus facility for these kids.


Hi There,

That's a nice write up about your experiences in these various schools.

We are planning to relocate to India some time next year and it's good to see the experience of various parents and the thought process in selecting the schools. The fee structure information was useful to get a ball park figure.

Do you have any idea of the student teacher ratio in these schools? I'm especially interested in Kumaran's. From the fee structure it looks like it will be on the higher side. What's your thought / experience on having more number of students per class?



U r making us envy of u ... congratulations ...

There was some talk of the ICSE section of kumarans school moving from the present building to the kanakapura road building. Please enquire.

Oh yes....The existing ICSE and State will be moving to the Kanakapara Road Campus and the existing CBSE of Kanakapura will be further moved ahead by 5 kms.....Moving the campus and doubling on the fees as well............exhorbitantly!!!

well the campus is extraordinary with every facility one can find. it compromises of basketball courts, swimming pool,football field,tennis courts ,badminton,volelyball and throwball courts. also it has a 11seater amphitheatre and a huge auditorium .infrastructure and planning is just amazing...